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  • Josh Lin

當西裝不再只是墨守成規/Hugo Boss X Russell Athletic capsule


而許多時裝或設計師品牌也意識到這股風潮,紛紛開始著手運動系列,甚至找上品牌或知名設計師發表聯名系列。如今,德國工藝時裝品牌BOSS聯手美國百年運動服飾大廠Russell Athletic推出聯名系列服飾,而這個系列將會探討兩個品牌的過去,並於其中汲取靈感。

3月24日BOSS透過線上影片方式發表系列,以簡約俐落的剪裁藝術呈現日常時尚風格單品,飽和的色彩中帶有灰階的色調作為系列主色調搭配,整體散發充滿青春與活力氛圍。在此以籃球為靈感的發表影片中,我們看到同樣深愛混搭風格的Bella Hadid與球員們一同在場中擺動、歡呼和慶祝系列的誕生。



Hoodie, training pants or jackets, always make people feel indecent in our old stereotype, we only think of their existence when we are exercising or at home. But in recent years these single product not only back to the front of everyone, and after a lot of celebrities and influencers successful interpretation, Streetstyle seems coming back to the frontline and ready to win the battle.

Many fashion or designer brands are also aware of this trend and have begun to start sports collections, and even find brands or well-known designers to publish collaboration. Today, the German fashion brand BOSS has teamed up with Russell Athletic, a century-old sportswear manufacturer in the United States, to launch a capsule of apparel. This collaboration will explore the past of the two brands and draw inspiration from it.

On March 24, BOSS released the collaboration through online videos, presenting daily fashion style items with simple and neat tailoring art. The saturated colours with grey tones are used as the main colours, and the whole is full of youth and vitality. In this basketball-inspired release film, we see Bella Hadid, who also loves the mix and match style, swinging, cheering and celebrating the birth of the collections with the players.

In the collections, BOSS incorporates suit jackets, trousers, sweatpants and shirts into loose tailoring and sports-style details, bring the retro 90s back, and the collections adopt a neutral design to break the men and women The line between the dressing line and the unconventional matching mode encourages everyone to create their own fashionable outfits!


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