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睽違14年《六人行》終於又在一起/ FRIENDS: THE REUNION, waiting 14 years is nothing

眾所期盼的經典影集《六人行》(FRIENDS)特別篇《六人行:當我們又在一起》(FRIENDS: THE REUNION)終於在正式上線。在劇中飾演瑞秋的珍妮佛安妮斯頓(Jennifer Aniston)感性分享:「當特別篇進行開拍製作時,我很擔心六人都會因彼此友情太過深厚,且伴隨著對劇裡角色長達多年的情感,一定會在拍攝時因淚崩而無法順利拍攝。」

這個美國經典情境喜劇,由珍妮佛安妮斯頓、寇特妮考克絲(Courteney Cox)、麗莎庫卓(Lisa Kudrow)、麥特勒布朗(Matt LeBlanc)、馬修派瑞(Matthew Perry),以及大衛史威默(David Schwimmer)主演。描述的是六位20幾與30幾歲的紐約客生活,從1994年首集撥出後,是部橫跨10年的經典影集。17年過去,這部陪伴許多人青春的影集再次聚首,勢必將重燃每個人的年少回憶。


今日上架的《六人行:當我們又在一起》中,延續了以往的傳統,加入了許多特別來賓眾星雲集,包括貝克漢(David Beckham)、小賈斯汀(Justin Bieber)、BTS、女神卡卡(Lady Gaga)等巨星,將共同為這部世代經典影集寫下燦爛的一頁。



特別篇《六人行:當我們又在一起》將在台灣時間 5月27日 下午3點1分於CATCHPLAY+影音平台中的HBO GO專區與美國同步上架;更多精彩內容請至CATCHPLAY+影音平台觀看


The classic sitcom FRIENDS has finally unveiled their special sequel FRIENDS: THE REUNION. Jennifer Aniston, who plays Rachel in the series, said she was worried the cast of Friends would "cry their faces off" while filming the eagerly anticipated reunion.

This classic American sitcom features Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer. It describes a group of six New Yorkers in their 20s and 30s. After the first episode was released in 1994, it is classic streaming ten years. Seventeen years later, this series will put many people's memory together, and it certainly will create more memories, undoubtedly.

"I'd have to say I'm most like Monica, because I'm a clean freak," reflects footballer David Beckham. "I travel a lot, I'm always in hotels, I've always got down time, when I'm missing the kids, missing the family, I put on Friends, because it makes me smile."

FRIENDS: THE REUNION continues the tradition of adding special guests to the show, including David Beckham, Justin Bieber, BTS, Lady Gaga and other superstars who will jointly write a brilliant page for this classic generation series.


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