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歐洲男孩, 2020紅髮月曆 / European Boys, REDHOT 2020 Calendar

RED HOT 100 紅髮月曆回來了!

這一次的RED HOT 100 將視野遠望整個歐洲,要將所有歐洲男孩一網打盡,一起慶祝新的一年,當然,也要讓新的一年充滿著火辣的紅髮男孩!2020年的紅髮月曆,一樣透過攝影師 Thomas Knights 與藝術總監 Elliott James Frieze 的合作,會將透過這本月曆的所得捐款給慈善基金會,讓需要幫助的人,以及能給予幫助的人,一起透過性感的藝術呈現,來讓這個世界變得更好。

度假勝地 伊比薩

就像是這本月曆的主題,這一次的拍攝地點在歐洲最熱門的度假勝地;伊比薩,拍攝。透過與12位來自歐洲各國的紅髮男孩們一起,攝影師 Thomas Knights 捕捉下在有金黃色的海邊,那些紅髮男孩們俊秀的臉龐、運動員般的身材,以及只有紅髮們才有的魅力。

所得捐公益 支持LGBT族群

按照以往的慣例,今年「歐洲男孩, 2020紅髮月曆」的所得將會捐給英國 Terrence Higgins Trust 基金會,目的就是要防止HIV的傳播。RED HOT 這個組織在2013年成立,成立的目的主要是為了受到霸凌的人們進行發聲,而RED HOT 組織所中時的核心價值正是與他們行為一致的 “Be comfortable in your own skin”

RED HOT 100 Calendar is back!

This year, Red Hot is not focused in the United Kingdom but all European countries count. For this reason, 'European Boys' obviously is the theme of this calendar. Through photographer Thomas Knights and Art Director Elliott James Frieze. The profits of this calendar will support the foundation as usual. If you are looking for doing something good, also making yourself double happier. Then this RED HOT is your choice.

Party Time, Ibiza

This time, the shotting location moved to the party island, Ibiza. Alongside with the party mood, there are 12 beautiful men came from different European countries to do the shooting. Photographer Thomas Knights captured these sexy men at the beach where has golden sunshine. Plus, these red hot are all showcasing athletic bodies, handsome faces, fun-loving personalities and fiery red pubic hair. 

Support LGBT

As usual, the profits of the calendar will support the charity foundation Terrence Higgins Trust. The purpose is to stop HIV transmission. RED HOT founded in 2013, the aim of this organisation is for anti-bullies and support all people who have been insulting because they are unique. Therefore, they claim all human being has to 'Be comfortable in your own skin'.


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