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  • Dylan Tang

英國音樂巨人 Damon Albarn, the Legacy of Britpop

Damon Albarn,英國傳奇樂團 Blur 的主唱 和 全世界最受歡迎的虛擬樂團 Gorillaz 的首腦;他在音樂上的成就已經奠定得非常穩固,但是人生中目前唯一的遺憾就可以說是無法像死對頭“綠洲合唱團“一樣稱霸美國市場。

儘管 Damon Albarn 無法帶領 Blur 成功的佔領美國流行樂市場,但是卻透過 Gorillaz 在美國搶下一席之地,這也是這位音樂鬼才想都沒想到的意外發展吧!

Blur 是 Albarn 這一生中最值得驕傲的作品;而且從 Britpop 時代開始發跡後,Blur 便是時勢造英雄最好的證明,也讓 Damon Albarn 有一個最好發揮的舞台,儘管仍然有反派的聲音說「Blur 是白領階級後代的產物,跟90年代勞工階級一點搭不上邊。」;但是經過那麼多年之後,Damon Albarn 不僅證明了他不只是個有錢小孩的後代,而是靠著與自己志同道合的夥伴們一起就此成為英國樂團不可抹滅的歷史。

2008 年時,英國每日郵報將 Damon Albarn 在百大英國歌手裡排名第18位,並且在 2016年獲得英國的官佐勳章,正式成為 Damon Albarn, OBE;Damon Albarn 的人生雖然已經過到了第五十一年但是音樂的創意仍然無限,並且持續的透過不同的名稱在流行音樂界裡發表不同種類的音樂,證明自己的音樂實力永遠都不會因為年紀而驟減,他是音樂界裡的真正傳奇,也是每個世代的人都必須要認識的音樂鬼才。

Damon Albarn, frontman of the British legendary band- Blur and head of the world's most popular virtual band- Gorillaz; his achievements in music industry have been unbreakable, but the only regret in his life can be said to be like he just can’t really open the US market’s door.

Although Damon Albarn couldn't lead Blur to successfully occupy the American popular music, but Gorillaz took a place in the United States, this is the unexpected development that the music master never thought of!

Blur is the most representative work of Albarn’s life; and the Britpop era, Blur is literally the best band of the time. This band also makes Damon Albarn have a best stage to sing a song, although there is still an opposite opinion. "Blur is a product of the descendants of the white-collar class, and it doesn't match the working class in the 1990s." But after so many years, Damon Albarn not only proved that he was not just a descendant of a rich child, but relied on his own interests. Together, the partners of this iconic band has become an indelible history of the Britpop.

In 2008, the Daily Mail ranked Damon Albarn in the top 18 British singers, and in 2016 he earned the British official medal, officially became Damon Albarn, OBE. Damon Albarn's life has been through Fifty-one years, but his creativity of music is still infinite, and continue to publish different kinds of music in the popular music world through different names. Proving his power in music industry will never be diminished due to his age. He is in the music legend. The true legend is also a music master that every generation of people must know.


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