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  • Dylan Tang

【Interview】Craig McGinlay ; A Model and Actor's journey

(Mandarin Version)

1. What do you think about fashion? Do you like fashion?

“I think fashion is important and it's a way of showing your personality. I didn't realise this until I moved into modelling 3 years ago, then into acting 2 years ago but I am amazed how my perception of fashion has changed. I was invited along to support a friends brand during London Fashion Week Mens, which at the time was known as LCM, a couple of years ago and I was not massively looking forward to attending if I'm honest, however since going along and seeing what it's all about I really enjoyed the shows and presentations. It was actually a lot more relaxed than I had anticipated it would be. I had a lot of fun, was great meeting new people and gaining an understanding of how much work the designers do in order to produce these incredible shows and presentations.”

2. What’s your favourite brand?

“Hmmm, putting me on the spot here aren't you... no pressure...... There are too many that I have had the pleasure of working with to say just one in particular. I do like wearing saville row tailoring during fashion week, or a classic dinner suit for a black tie event. My 'go to' casual look would have to be boots or trainers, jeans, t-shirt, and a leather jacket.”

3. Who’s your favourite designer?

“Ok you are really trying to get this out of me aren't you.. There are a few brands I have worked with and who have supported my journey so I would have to say Hackett London & Chester Barrie do some fantastic suits. Even M & S are starting to produce a lot of really nice tailoring. Very impressed with the direction they are going in. Belstaff are always great for a casual look but it can still look smart too. Also, if you are looking for a good pair of socks or sunglasses then look out for London Sock Company and Finlay & Co. respectively. Both can complete any outfit. Great brands producing some quality pieces.”