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Converse x J.W. Anderson 自身告白的設計鞋款/ Converse x J.W. Anderson, his self-portrait collection

英國鬼才設計師 Jonathan Anderson 又有新作推出;這一次與知名鞋款品牌 Converse 第二次攜手合作,推出了富有突破性框架的全新鞋款,為這位天才設計師的時尚宇宙又增添一筆色彩。

「GLITTER_GUTTER 是對於不可預測性的指標剪裁,把亮片的元素加上去,就是這個鞋款做出最好的示範」設計師Jonathan Anderson 這樣解釋;他也和 英國版 VOUGE 透露:「 其實設計這個鞋款,就是一個對我自身的一種親密描述;這是屬於我自述的設計,也是我平常會穿的模樣。」

Jonathan Anderson 現任西班牙品牌 LOEWE 設計總監,並營運同名品牌 J.W Anderson,日前更榮獲2017英國時尚大獎 英國女裝年度設計師 Jonathan Anderson for JW Anderson年度飾品設計師Jonathan Anderson for Loewe;時尚界對於這位出身北愛爾蘭的時裝設計師都給予不俗的評價,甚至許多人稱它為英國新世代的鬼才設計師。

Converse x J.W. Anderson 的聯名聯名鞋款將在十二月十五日官網販售,定價約為三千六百元新台幣。


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Jonathan Anderson, the prodigy fashion designer, unveiled his second collection with Converse couple days ago. In this collection, Anderson broke the frame of gender and inject a new spark into his fashion Elysium.

“GLITTER_GUTTER stemmed from the idea of breaking iconic silhouettes with something unexpected,” says designer Jonathan Anderson. “Taking the glitter out of context and wearing it with a pair of washed chinos, for example.” He also told British Vogue exclusively “The collection for me feels more like an intimate portrayal of myself. It’s the tactility of it. It’s a self-portrait of what I’m into and what I wear.”

Jonathan Anderson has just honoured British Designer of the Year - Womenswear:Jonathan Anderson for JW Anderson and Accessories Designer of the Year:Jonathan Anderson for Loewe at The Fashion Awards 2017. With or without these titles, Jonathan Anderson's creativities and talents are undoubtable. That's the reason why, people in fashion industry keeps saying he is a 'Prodigy' with full of fabulous ideas.


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