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  • Dylan Tang

Circa Waves 音樂成就電影成就音樂/ Circa Waves’ music is movie into rhythm


來自利物浦的獨立搖滾樂團 Circa Waves 終於要在2019年的四月推出全新專輯《What’s It Like Over There》,這也是繼2017年的 《Different Creatures》後樂團要發行的第三張錄音室專輯。

首波主打歌 “Movies” 裏頭,主唱 Kieran Shudall 依然用他帶著磁性的嗓音唱出關於男性的心中幻想,而為了要展現Circa Waves 即將作出的改變,在這一次推出的單曲裡更加上了B面歌曲 “Be Somebody Good” 。

Shudall 在接受NME雜誌採訪時也說到:「其實我們想要一次釋放出更多的歌曲,因為我們下一張專輯的風格跟以前非常的不一樣,雖然 “Movies” 仍然是非常 Circa Waves 的歌曲,但是在 “Be Somebody Good” 中你會發現我將格局拉大,用了更多的鼓聲以及強節奏做出類似電影那樣氣場的歌曲。下一張專輯絕對會非常不一樣,大家要準備好了!」

Circa Waves 成立於 2013年,他們的單曲 “T-Shirt Weather” 為他們在英國打開了知名度,而他們靠近年輕人生活的歌詞,以及平易近人的弦律讓他們開始嚐到走紅的滋味。

“Movies” 的音樂錄影帶現在已經在 Youtube 上可以觀看;關於這首歌,可以看到1992年的好萊塢電影 《霸道橫行》的影子並且在歌詞中也能看到 50年代演員 詹姆士狄恩的經典電影 《養子不叫誰知過》(Rebel Without A Cause) 被唱出,這首歌可以說是最宛如電影一樣的歌曲,也為英國的獨立樂團揭開了這一年樂壇序幕。

‘…It was just like in the movies…’

Circa Waves, a four-pieces band from Liverpool, UK, their third studio album 《What’s It Like Over There》finally upcoming in April 2019. It’s been a while since they released 《Different Creatures》 in 2017.

In the “Movies”, vocalist Kieran Shudall’s magnetic voice has smoothly effect our ears. This is the classic Circa Waves’ song, however, due to the following changing Circa Waves also put the second song in the comeback single, “Be Somebody Good”.

Shudall talked to NME magazine why they released two songs at the same time

“I’d have put three or four out if we could, as we want to showcase the variety of the new album as much as we can. ‘Movies’ is a classic Circa Waves song, but it’s a bridge to the third album because it’s got the guitar hooks we’ve always had and a new twist of electronic drums. It’s upbeat, and we wanted something positive to prepare fans. ‘Be Somebody Good’ is a nod towards what the rest of the record is like: more expansive, more cinematic and muscular. It’s big, with synths and bigger drums. It’s quite bold for Circa Waves. That song is to say, ‘This album is different. Be ready.…'”

Circa Waves formed in 2013. Their unforgettable single “T-Shirt Weather” made them a well-known indie band in the UK. In fact, they started taste what’s being popular since ’T-Shirt Weather’ released.

“Movies” has finally had a music video on the Youtube. You can easily feel the Hollywood movies’ style in this song such as Reservoir Dogs and James Dean’s “Rebel without a Cause” In fact, Circa Waves literally put the 50s legend’s movie into their lyrics. Such a brave move!


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