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Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY 以愛為名的全新系列/ Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY present his AW20 via Power of LOVE







英國鬼才設計師 Charles Jeffrey 每一年的時裝秀都是英國時裝界大家引頸期盼的一場秀;今年他一樣沒有讓大家失望,Charles 將2020秋冬最新系列「以愛為名」要讓大家更重視我們身邊的人、事、物。

蘇格蘭出身的Charles 今年將蘇格蘭的格紋(Tartan)發揮得淋漓盡致,並且透過在戰爭時期的歷史回顧,這場秀為倫敦時裝週留下了一個美好的註記。在總共40套的服裝裡頭,Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY 一樣大膽的將顏色交織在一起,如暗黑、正紅、勃根地紅、橘色、大地色等,都可以在他的全新系列中看到。


然而,二戰後在英國出現在Teddy Boys文化,才是這一季Charles 想要表達的重點。對他而言,從二戰後到現在,我們所處的世界有高有低,而現在卻彷彿陷入低潮一樣,讓人不知所措;因此這個系列當走秀結束後,模特兒們是手牽著手出來謝幕,並且搭配的歌曲中的「...Power of Love…」不斷迴響在會場中,所有人都突然體悟,原來我們需要的就是愛,愛著家人、愛著朋友、愛著我們所重視的事情。

‘Are you dancin?’ is the question. Cross the divide. The risk.

‘Are you askin?’ Is the answer.

Just the first answer. Sense-check, counter-challenge.

(Did you think, if you asked a simple question, you would get a simple reply?)

‘I’m asking.’

‘Then I’m dancing.’

Scottish designer Charles Jeffrey unveiled his latest collection. Every year, Jeffrey’s fashion show is a show that everyone in the British fashion industry is looking forward to. This year, as usual, he did not disappoint everyone. Charles’ autumn/winter 2020 collection "in the name of love" to make everyone pay more attention to People we loved, things we care, and where we stand for.

Charles made the most of Scott's Tartan this year, and through historical review during the war, the show sparked London Fashion Week Menswear this season. In a total of 40 looks, Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY is as bold as interweaving colours, such as dark, rich reds, burgundy, orange, earthen hues etc., can be seen in his new designs.

For designers, the boundary between men and women has not always been the focus of the fashion he designs. As long as someone wants to wear it, the clothes themselves have their value. From his autumn/winter 2020 collection, the models' bold makeup and hairstyles are still caught everyone's attention; from exaggerated aeroplane heads like the Japanese Bōsōzoku to eighteen centuries princess or Lolita style skirts. Have you ever thought that as long as you dare to wear these clothes will definitely appear in your own wardrobe?

However, the appearance of Teddy Boys culture in the UK after World War II was the focus of Charles's expression this season. For him, from the post-World War II period to the present, our world has been high and low, but now it seems as if it is in a low tide, which is overwhelming; therefore, when the show is over, the models are holding hands Come out of the curtain call, and the "... Power of Love …" keeps echoing in the venue, everyone suddenly realised that what we need is love, love family, love friends, love what we valued.

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