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平價收藏極簡主義大師之作,Jil Sander與Uniqlo再度合作/Bang! Uniqlo with Jil Sander

眾所矚目的UNIQLO +J 2021春夏聯名系列將在3/19(五)於網路商店、明曜百貨旗艦店、ATT 4 FUN信義店與西門店正式上市。今日也將同步透過片段展現全新+J系列服裝設計之細節。

與傳奇設計大師Jil Sander合作的+J系列去年回歸後深受全球消費者的喜愛。今年2021春夏以「春天的活力與明亮」為主題,由一系列簡約摩登單品組成,捨去多餘的元素,以純粹的設計、剪裁和顏色,呈現出明亮的感受。

2021春夏系列以輕盈的服裝面料打造層次感。不同的單品可以搭配出有趣的風格,而自由隨興的造型是本系列不可或缺的一部分。」Jil Sander說道。




The highly anticipated UNIQLO +J 2021 spring and summer co-branded collection will be officially launched on 3/19 (Friday) in online stores, Mingyao flagship store, ATT 4 FUN Xinyi store and Ximen store. Today, the details of the new +J series clothing design will also be shown synchronously through video clip.

The +J collection, cooperating with legendary designer Jil Sander, has been loved by consumers around the world after its return last year. Base on "Spring Vigor and Brightness" in the spring and summer of 2021, it is composed of a collection of simple and modern items, discarding redundant elements, and presenting a bright feeling with pure design, tailoring and color.

"The 2021 spring and summer collection uses light fabrics to create a layered sense. Different items can be matched with interesting styles, and free and casual styles are an indispensable part of this collection." Jil Sander said.

This season, a user-friendly entry-level product was launched for the first time. The price starts at NT$590 to collect international design masters. From functional jackets, hooded coats, one-piece sleeve shirts ,affordadle wide round neck T-shirts, the entire collection all run through the tailoring charm and design ingenuity of J+. (Retro-style wide open-collar shirt it mine!)

Starting on the 3/19, you can get a limited edition commemorative paper bag with a +J collection item in store pickup. Any consumption in the online store will also give you a commemorative package to satisfy the +J fan wishing to collect it.


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