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  • Dylan Tang

不畏肺炎 BALENCIAGA 推城市大片誘出旅行回憶/ BALENCIAGA Unveiled CITIES and OBJECTS Campaign

巴黎世家(Balenciaga)推出全新Cities城市系列廣告大片,由攝影師弗朗索瓦·普羅斯特(François Prost)掌鏡,以創意視角展示成衣、飾品和新款Phantom運動鞋。





Balenciaga 的 Objects靈感生活系列推出全新可重複使用的陶瓷咖啡杯。彰顯了Balenciaga不使用一次性用品的態度與決心。此外,雙層杯壁設計更為熱飲提供持久保溫效果。

為了呼應Balenciaga Cities城市系列的發表,每只杯子上均印有其實體精品店所在城市的學院風Logo,並有黑底白字和白底黑字兩種款式可供選擇。品牌實體精品店僅提供帶有自身城市英文Logo的咖啡杯,這些城市包括曼谷、北京、長沙、成都、迪拜、佛羅倫斯、香港、吉隆玻、科威特、拉斯維加斯、倫敦、洛杉磯、墨爾本、邁阿密、米蘭、紐約、巴黎、羅馬、首爾、上海、新加坡、雪梨、東京、多倫多和威尼斯(以英文首字母排序),具有收藏價值的同時又富有紀念意義。


Announcing the launch of Balenciaga’s Cities series, a campaign created with photographer François Prost features ready-to-wear and accessories, along with Balenciaga’s new Phantom sneaker.

Products inspired by local and tourist loyalty to certain cities are available exclusively in Balenciaga stores in the locations that are paid homage to, while Paris-themed Cities pieces and Phantom sneakers are available worldwide. To illustrate the urban location-based nature of the series, photography and video clips show people in transit on the London Tube.

Cities in the series include Aspen, Beijing, Berlin, Busan, Chengdu, Dallas, Dubai, East Hampton, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, London, Macau, Miami, New York, Paris, Rome, Saint-Tropez, Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Venice. The campaign displays totes, caps, shirts, Furry Sandals, bombers, and hoodies featuring multiple letterman designs.


Balenciaga’s newest addition to its Objects line is a reusable porcelain coffee cup with a removable, machine-washable silicone lid. The functional vessel mirrors a coated-paper and plastic disposable to-go cup, many of which are not entirely recyclable or biodegradable, and therefore build up landfills worldwide in dangerously high quantities, adding to environmental issues that affect the animal, plant, and human life. The Balenciaga Coffee Cup is meant to be used ad infinitum instead of single-use containers and never to be disposed of. Its double-wall is designed to keep hot liquids warm throughout the day.

In conjunction with the Balenciaga Cities series, each cup features a varsity-style logo, representative of the store at which it was purchased, in either black on white or white on black. Stores that offer the cups only offer them labelled with their own city, imbuing the product with a collector’s souvenir aspect. These

include Bangkok, Beijing, Changsha, Chengdu, Dubai, Florence, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait City, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Miami, Milan, New York City, Paris, Rome, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, and Venice.

Balenciaga Objects are produced outside of the fashion collections calendar, launched individually. They range from limited-edition objets d’art to practical, everyday items, all of them timeless.


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