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  • Josh Lin

DRY CLEAN ONLY席捲adidas Originals打破運動時尚界線/Adidas Originals x DRY CLEAN ONLY

當adicolor經典用色哲學遇上DRY CLEAN ONLY天馬行空的拼接魔法,顛覆運動與時尚服飾的界線,為Adidas Originals賦予全新生命,散發出令人耳目一新的前衛風貌。本次聯名系列中,以品牌經典的adibreak串標運動褲為靈感,結合牛仔布和斜紋棉布等令人意想不到的材質進行重組,打造天馬行空的層次感,傳遞女孩不妥協的反叛風格。

發跡於泰國曼谷知名跳蚤市場的設計師品牌DRY CLEAN ONLY,擅長將市面上的成衣重組,以創意的材料與技術將現有的商品搖身為高級手工藝品,打造個性與想像力的時尚單品。聯名系列中更對「丹寧」這項材質有了令人驚喜的詮釋,天藍色的丹寧材質通過灰色連帽上衣結合,彰顯出了充滿活力的街頭個性。與品牌經典三條紋結合的丹寧寬褲更是在外側加入全開衩的小心機設計,在一線之間展現出街頭女孩的酷、甜風格。

另外Adidas Originals X DRY CLEAN ONLY聯名系列墨綠色工裝風衣亦將淺灰色棉質布料拼接於前襟與袖管內部,以其相異的剪裁與材質的碰撞出經典風衣嶄新的街頭休閒風格。


When adicolor's classic color philosophy meets the unconstrained splicing magic of DRY CLEAN ONLY, it subverts the boundary between sports and fashion apparel, gives Adidas Originals a new life, and exudes a refreshing avant-garde style. In this collection, inspired by the brand's classic adibreak track pants, combined with unexpected materials such as denim and chinos, they are reorganized to create an unbelievable sense of hierarchy and convey the girl's uncompromising rebellious style.

DRY CLEAN ONLY, a designer brand that originated in the well-known flea market in Bangkok, Thailand, is good at reorganizing ready-to-wear garments on the market, transforming existing products into high-end handicrafts with creative materials and technology, and creating fashionable items with individuality and imagination. In the joint series, there is a surprising interpretation of the material "denim". The sky-blue denim material is combined with a gray hooded top to show a vibrant street personality. The denim wide trousers combined with the brand's classic three-stripes are designed with full slits on the side to show the cool and sweet style of street girls.

In addition, the Adidas Originals X DRY CLEAN ONLY co-branded dark green tooling windbreaker also spliced light gray cotton fabrics on the front and sleeves. The collision of different cuts and materials creates a classic windbreaker with a new street casual style.


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