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  • Dylan Tang

47Ronin浪人的職人級精湛設計/ 47Ronin, a craftsman wraps mystery and elegance from samurai


47Ronin浪人;新加坡品牌,成立於2018年;這一個充滿著日本風味的名稱,沒想到是由新加坡設計師Tong 一手成立的職人品牌。由於曾經在京都生活過,Tong 從此便愛上了充滿文化的日本,並且致力於將日本的文化遺產以及精緻手工帶向整個世界。要達成這個目的,當然得從牽起每位男士的手開始,因此每一個從47Ronin浪人生產的錶帶,都有著紳士般的典雅,以及屬於自己的故事。

(Hokusai’s Kanagawa wave, colour woodblock)

錶帶或許不是每個人都會特別注意的一項配件,但是對於設計師Tong以及 47Ronin浪人而言,這才是手腕上最值得注意的細節,並且就像日語「浪人 Samurai」一樣;身為擁有精湛武術的武士,不屬於任何一位領主,只是自己的主人。這樣的精神就像是錶帶一樣吧!不需要有倚賴任何隨著時間流轉的手錶本身,要發光發熱最重要的就是靠自已,靠自己身上散發的光芒與屬於自己的武士道。





Alongside the progress of the times, the pace of the fashion industry has never stopped; for every man who is always looking for extraordinary, the watch on hand, of course, is the detail that cannot be ignored. However, in addition to the exquisite body, the timer on your hand that can set off the personality. However, could this get on a different level? How to let the details of the whole body be more gentlemanly elegance, and the aftertaste still exists and mystery?

47Ronin; Singapore brand, founded in 2018; this name is full of Japanese flavour, but established by a professional Singaporean designer Tong. He used to live in Kyoto, since then, Tong has fallen in love with this culturally significant country, Japan. He fonds to bringing Japanese cultural heritage and exquisite craftsmanship to the world. To achieve this goal, of course, he must hold every hand from each man, hence every strap produced from the 47Ronin has a gentlemanly elegance and a story of its own.

The strap may not be an accessory that everyone will pay special attention to, but for the designer and 47Ronin. This is the most noteworthy detail on the wrist, and like the Japanese "Samurai". Samurai does not belong to any lord but is his own master. This spirit is like a strap! There is no need to rely on any watch that circulates over time. The most important thing to shine is the self, just like the Bushido that belongs to you.

The quality of 47Ronin can be compared with the major watch brands, and even the materials and design details are even more amazing. As soon as the "kimono" is spoken, it will soon be associated with Japan's national treasures, which can be said to be the essence of design in this Singapore brand.

Through the combination with the leather, as long as the strap designed by the 47Ronin, you can see the beautiful image like a kimono; in addition, if it is still not satisfied with the beauty of the kimono, Japan's finest whiskey, Dharma doll as well as origami, these art-filled with Japanese-level craftsmanship are also found in the products designed by the 47Ronin.

"Craftsman" is a title that can only be obtained by people with perfect skills in Japan. In this era of fast-changing in the fashion industry, it is difficult for us to realise who is the real craftsmanship, but the design of the 47Ronin can be named on it.

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