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  • Dylan Tang

VERSACE 春夏二零一七時尚攝影/ VERSACE SS17 Campaign

​VERSACE 二零一七春夏時尚專題攝影找來了傳奇攝影師 Bruce Weber 操刀,與模特兒 Edie Cambell 和 Anna Ewers 為女裝形象,表現出與自然和諧的感受;男裝則是找來了模特兒 Mitchell Slaggert 。

設計師 Donatella Versace 說到:「這次是這個品牌改變最大的一次,我們朝向了自由奔放以及品牌生活為核心價值,這樣子的改變也只有傳奇攝影師 Bruce Weber 能呈現。」

VERSACE SS17 Campaign collaborate with the legend fashion photographer Bruce Weber. VERSACE and Weber took photo with model Edie Cambell, Anna Ewers and Mithcell Slaggert. You can easily figure out that this SS17 campaign is completely different with their history.

Donatella herself explained that “this is a collection about the dynamic movement and the freedom of the Versace life”, she believes that Bruce Weber is the only one “who can capture that spirit and energy”.

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