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  • Dylan Tang

最新時尚專題攝影 Massimo Dutti x Johannes Huebl / Massimo Dutti x Johannes Huebl, the fashion-sexy man

西班牙時裝品牌 Massimo Dutti 最近發表了與德國男模 Johannes Heubl 的最新專題攝影;Heubl 似乎並沒有因為老婆是時尚名媛 Olivia Palermo 而被蓋過時尚風彩,最新的專題攝影的確散發出身為成熟男人的時尚魅力,也證實儘管跟老婆常駐紐約,仍然是大家心中最愛的時尚模特兒。

Massimo Dutti; the Spain fashion house, recently released the fashion editorial with Johannes Huebl. In this fashion editorial, Mr. Huebl showcased his mature and his fashion-sexy. He literally is our favourite fashion models in the West-world.

Johannes Huebl: Facebook Instagram

Photography by Gonzalo Machado Art Direction by Covadonga Alonso Valdes Hair by #JordiFontanals Produced by Mamma Team Productions

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