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領航世界|傅孟柏演繹Barbour秋冬最新4系列/ Who run the world? Fu Meng-Po presented Barbour AW20

英國品牌Barbour自14世紀成立以來,經過百年的歷練後現今已經聞名全球,且從創辦人John Barbour 開始,至今已經發展出7種原創格紋,說是蘇格蘭之光一點也不為過。而具有防水防風功能的油布夾克,更是這個英國品牌受到大家愛戴的主要原因;從英國皇室到演藝名人,基本上只要喜歡戶外活動,那麼衣櫥都會有一件Barbour。


2020的尾聲,Barbour 一口氣推出4個系列來拯救低迷的時尚產業。其中包含與紐約潮牌Noah聯名、紐約風格品牌Saturdays NYC聯名、日系風格的White Label系列,以及品牌創立126年以來的顛峰之作Gold Standard系列。這對擁有多雨天氣的台灣與英國來說可說是一個天大的好消息,畢竟台灣人與英國人多半喜歡戶外活動,因此若在戶外遇到詭譎天氣時仍能保有展現時尚態度,那麼何樂而不為呢?



曾旅居東京一個月的傅孟柏,更親自穿上White Label羊毛西裝外套和羊毛褲。這個充滿日本情調的White Label系列,不僅舒適,更可以讓喜愛東洋文化的人輕鬆詮釋日本簡約、瀟灑的時尚風格。


這次Barbour推出的系列,除了有創立以來經典的Gold Standard系列,還有能讓騎士們增添品味的Barbour X Saturdays NYC 重機騎士夾克,若想要看起來更年輕一些,那麼Barbour X Noah 撞色拼接外套依然可以滿足街頭潮流的夢想。

(左至右) White Label 羊毛外套/Noah Beaufort 聯名拼接油布外套/SNYC x Intl Barbour經典衛衣)


Since Barbour launched in the 14th century, this British brand has been well-known around the world after a hundred years of experience. Since its founder, John Barbour, it has invented 7 original tartans. Hence, if people claim Barbour is a king of Scotland, here has no exaggeration to say. The waterproof and windproof waxed jacket is the star of this British brand. Not just from the British royal family to the celebrities, basically, as long as you like outdoor activities, then your wardrobe should have a Barbour.

4 collections for the Autumn/Winter

At the end of 2020, Barbour launched 4 collections in one go to save the sluggish fashion industry. It includes the collaboration with the New York fashion brand Noah, the New York trendy brand Saturdays NYC, the Japanese White Label, and the Gold Standard. This is a great news for Taiwanese and British. After all, people who live on both sides are keen on outdoor activities.

The best actor Fu Meng-Po presented

Fu Meng-Po, who won the 52nd Golden Bell Award for Best Actor, is a huge fan of Barbour. For him, this autumn/winter collection has able to make him experience the design and culture of various countries. Meng-Po also said: "The first time I met Barbour was because of a friend's recommendation, and because I don't like umbrellas or carry a bag, Barbour's coat completely fit my needs in life."


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