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  • Dylan Tang

Vistula 秋冬2019形象廣告/ Vistula AW19 Campaign

波蘭男裝品牌 Vistula 推出了 2019 秋冬形象廣告

成立於1967年的 Vistula,或許名聲尚未傳播至整個地球,但是它的品質可以媲美現在線上您叫得出口的所有男性正裝品牌。在2019秋冬的形象廣告中,這個波蘭男裝品牌,找來了英國超模 Richard Biedul 擔任形象照的主人。對於這個英國與波蘭的組合,其實一點也不用感到意外,因為英國紳士 Richard Biedul穿上擁有高端優雅氣質的 Vistula,光是透過平面照片,就可以讓所有追求高級優雅的男性們,好好學習一番。

雖然 Vistula 已經成立了四十餘載,但是它的時尚敏銳度仍然不容小覷,秋冬2019的形象廣告中,Richard Biedul 化身為都市叢林裡的時尚巨人。不僅穿上了代表性的正裝系列,更有Vistula Red 這個支線品牌的運動時尚,一同表現男性的陽剛氣質。所有的細節,都照顧到了每一位男性的需求,讓您在這個即將來臨的秋天中,都能夠兼顧動態與靜態的時尚。


Vistula, the Polish fashion brand unveiled their autumn/winter 2019 campaign.

Launched in 1967, Vistula may not as well-known as other International brands but the quality and elegance just like all brands you know on the market. In this campaign, Vistula worked with the British supermodel, Richard Biedul. The combination between Polish and British created the huge power of a high-end classic, trendy and gentlemen stylishness. Hence, if anyone is looking for 'How to dress like a proper gent' this campaign is you must look imagery.

Adventuring in this world around 40 years. Vistula never been cliché neither force people feel sleepy. 'The fashion tycoon in the city jungle' is the only way to explain this campaign. This photography collection literally escalates the menswear tailoring fashion. However, if you notice more carefully, the sports' vibes aren't absence in this autumn/winter. Vistula Red, another line from Vistula, which presents a different face of men.


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