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  • Dylan Tang

Todd Snyder 2018春夏系列/ Todd Snyder Spring/Summer 2018

Toddy Snyder 在紐約時裝週發表了2018春夏男裝系列

Todd Snyder 對於男裝的設計風格總是以英國倫敦的高級訂製手法與美國紐約摩登美學混合,讓人在做工上無從挑惕。這一次的2018春夏系列,以線條以及給人輕鬆的大地色系作為主要視覺;這個全新系列更持續地和 NEW ERA合作,推出了上頭印有字母 Champion 的上衣。

Todd Snyder unveiled spring/summer 2018 collection in New York Fashion Week

Todd Snyder has always designed his menswear through his unique skill, which is combine Savile Raw craftsmanship with New York's modern aesthetic. This season, Todd Snyder used Straight Line, Breton shirt and Earth-tone as his visual-configuration. Moreover, Todd Snyder keeps collaboration with NEW ERA for the 2018 collection. If you want to wear casual but classic, why don't you try the 'Champion' shirt of Todd Snyder?


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