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  • Dylan Tang

To complete your life you need to be without boundaries/ 拋下時間束縛完整自己的創作

Keeping the best memories of the moment is something everyone likes to do, right? Some people may not like to be photographed, but there are always moments in life when they look at photos and smile. Regarding this point, I presuppose that this situation is a scene, a scene called "Dare to Examine the Past". But is this right or wrong? Perhaps only oneself can give a true answer.

Kirk Truman, a British photographer who is good at leaving portraits. Through his eyes and the lens he left many pictures that seem calm but can cause ripples in his heart. When creating memories, through his words and phrases, perhaps another bell of freedom can ring in the heart of his audience.

David Gandy by Kirk Truman

"As long as someone is willing to let me take pictures, then I will never stop"

If you think you can achieve a good photo by pressing the shutter, your respect for different professions could be strengthened. Not everyone who can take good photos can be a photographer. Not everyone who can write can be an author. In this society, many people cannot do what they are interested in as their profession, but Kirk is a lucky person because he has always had a strong fascination with photography. As long as he can continue photography, his happy emotions will never be truly hidden. "I have always been fascinated with photography especially working in film (I work in analogue and digital formats). More than photography, people have been my greatest drive to pick up the camera.”

"Freedom is to be able to completely control one's life"

As mentioned earlier, many people will not be able to control their freedom for a lifetime, but should people give up? "Anybody should be able to do and be who they want in our ever-changing world," Kirk said to me. Perhaps the argument he put forward is correct, but what he described should be a glamorous world. Why does his work then, often take out colours and turn into monochrome? Kirk explained: "I work in black & white as I feel this helps not to distract from what else is in the picture itself. I have a saying that a black and white portrait takes you to the eyes. And that it does; it shows the humanity in us all.”

"Knowing yourself can solve everything easily"

Although we have no way to go back to the past, it may not be too difficult to understand what happened to help our own creation. Although it sounds abstract, who can define it? "My work is aesthetically and stylistically stuck in the past (which I prefer). I try to take images which look timeless, and as if they could’ve maybe been taken 40 or 50 years ago. Everything I do in my work and my life I do because I choose to and love to. I couldn’t imagine life if that freedom were to be taken away from me. The liberty I have been presented with is the root of my work as an artist.” When Kirk mentioned his life and works, he said so impassionedly. For the views he put forward, I have to admire his courage because each of us is constrained by this society and also kidnapped by reality. How to have freedom? Perhaps, like this photographer, face yourself carefully and look at yourself with a magnifying glass from the beginning to the end, then so many unanswerable and unresolved issues can be solved.


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