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  • Dylan Tang

To complete your life you need to be without boundaries/ 拋下時間束縛完整自己的創作


Keeping the best memories of the moment is something everyone likes to do, right? Some people may not like to be photographed, but there are always moments in life when they look at photos and smile. Regarding this point, I presuppose that this situation is a scene, a scene called "Dare to Examine the Past". But is this right or wrong? Perhaps only oneself can give a true answer.

Kirk Truman, a British photographer who is good at leaving portraits. Through his eyes and the lens he left many pictures that seem calm but can cause ripples in his heart. When creating memories, through his words and phrases, perhaps another bell of freedom can ring in the heart of his audience.

David Gandy by Kirk Truman

"As long as someone is willing to let me take pictures, then I will never stop"

If you think you can achieve a good photo by pressing the shutter, your respect for different professions could be strengthened. Not everyone who can take good photos can be a photographer. Not everyone who can write can be an author. In this society, many people cannot do what they are interested in as their profession, but Kirk is a lucky person because he has always had a strong fascination with photography. As long as he can continue photography, his happy emotions will never be truly hidden. "I have always been fascinated with photography especially working in film (I work in analogue and digital formats). More than photography, people have been my greatest drive to pick up the camera.”