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Sophie Bille Brahe 春夏2018珠寶系列/ Sophie Bille Brahe Spring/Summer'18 Jewellery Collection

Sophie Bille Brahe 在哥本哈根時裝週時和她長時間合作的夥伴 Emelie Johansson 一起設立了以花為主題的快閃店。

地點位在哥本哈根的 Studio X Viaduct, Gothersgade 30,從八月七日至八月十三日進行展示。

這間快閃店主要展示Sophie 的春夏2018系列,也是在巴黎時裝周結束之後首次使用鑽石來創作的作品。

這一次的全新系列以珠寶為主、由花為輔,來提升視覺上的精緻度;這個設計是經由在國際間經驗豐富的造型師 Emelie主導;你不僅在這個快閃店可以看到最新一季的系列,更可以直接預購你喜歡的商品;如果你夠幸運的話,說不定還可以遇到設計師 Sophie Bille Brahe 在店裡頭。

這間快閃店座落在哥本哈根知名的咖啡店 'Atelier September' 後方,如果你現在正在這個北歐地區的話,不妨造訪這間展示著北歐時尚的珠寶快閃店。

Sophie Bille Brahe;珠寶設計師,畢業於倫敦皇家藝術學院。Sophie 的作品經常可以在世界上許多知名的奢侈品牌店裡看到,如果你偏好富有現代感設計的飾品,那麼Sophie Bille Brahe 就是你應該要牢記下來,並且細心品味的品牌。

To coincide with Copenhagen Fashion Week, Danish fine jeweller Sophie Bille Brahe will open a pop up flower shop at Studio X Viaduct with her long-time friend and collaborator Emelie Johansson.

7th to 13th August Studio X Viaduct, Gothersgade 30, Copenhagen

The shop will showcase Sophie’s new SS18 collection of high diamond pieces after being first presented during Paris Couture. Alongside the jewellery will be an array of flowers curated by Emelie, a renowned international stylist who has always had a love and affinity for flowers. Guests will be able to shop from classic Sophie Bille Brahe pieces, place custom orders as well pre-order the SS18 Pre-collection. Visitors will also be able to meet with Sophie and shop a beautiful selection of floral bouquets which will be wrapped in exclusive Sophie Bille Brahe paper. The pop up space will be situated behind Copenhagen’s loved ‘Atelier September’ cafe - run by Chef and brother to Sophie, Frederik Bille Brahe.


Sophie Bille Brahe is a Copenhagen based fine jewellery designer. Graduated from London’s Royal College of Arts, fine jewellery designer Sophie Bille Brahe’s eponymous brand is sold in some of the the worlds’ most esteemed luxury and fine jewellery spaces and stores. Sophie Bille Brahe offers pieces that reflect her thrill for storytelling and avant-garde design, always striving to twist modern luxury.


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