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Sam Webb 永遠保持專業的真男人/ Sam Webb, A real professional MAN

(Photography by Olivier Yoan)

Sam Webb,英國模特兒;擁有一百八十五公分高挑身材的他是歐洲許多品牌大家愛用的模特兒。

自從幫 VOGUE HOMME 拍攝了時尚大片之後便在時尚產業聲名大噪;擁有一雙棕色大眼和精壯身材的 Webb 不管從哪個角度看都是一位紳士味十足的模特兒。

(Photography by Olivier Yoan)

他在時裝界的知名度不僅侷限於家鄉英國,更是義大利時裝豪門 Dolce & Gabbana 御用的模特兒之一,他曾多次在Dolce & Gabbana 的形象廣告中出鏡,更在2018年的春夏系列時裝週走秀,關於他的事蹟可以說是提到提不完,而獨家訪問則是在這一週的臺客雜誌 Man of the Week 裏頭揭露。

(Photography by Olivier Yoan)


在我12年的職業生涯中,我非常幸運並與很多厲害的品牌合作過,其中我很想和攝影師Boo George一起工作,因為我認為他的作品很棒。而在未來,我希望能夠成為對其他年輕有抱負的模特兒的導師。


我喜歡為Brunello cucinelli工作,因為我非常喜歡他們的品牌精神,他們以非常鼓舞人心的方式製作非常特別的衣服。而 Dolce&Gabbana 則是我合作的第一個品牌,我們對於對方都有極高的忠誠度。










我覺得我模特兒生中涯的最大挑戰是在行業中保持 “存在感” 並且要持續的工作。我覺得克服這一點最好的方法就是享受你做的工作並做自己。



在經過這一次的訪問裡頭,我們更貼近了 Sam Webb 這一位英國超模,並且透過字裏行間知道他的成功關鍵並不是跟多少知名品牌合作,而是他謙卑且專業瞭解時尚的態度造就了他今天在時尚產業的一席之地。

(Photography by by Lawrence Sparks)

Sam Webb, a British model; with a tall figure and perfectly body, he is a wanted model in this industry.

Since the VOGUE HOMME editorial, he has become the mega star in the fashion industry. Webb with a pair of brown eyes and a strong figure is a gentleman's model from any angle.

Webb’s popularity in the fashion industry is not limited to his hometown, United Kingdom, but also adored by the Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana. He has appeared in the campaign of Dolce & Gabbana countless times, and in the spring and summer 2018 runway show. About his deeds can be said to mention til the end, but the exclusive interview is in TAIKER magazine.

What do you want to work as a model?

I have been very lucky and worked with a lot of great brands over my 12 year career. I would love to work with the photographer Boo George, I think his work is amazing. But in the future I would to become a mentor to young and aspiring models.

Which brand you've worked with that you really enjoy?

I love working for Brunello cucinelli. The brand ethos is incredible. They make very special clothes in hugely inspiring way.

Also Dolce & Gabbana as they were the first brand I worked with and have stayed hugely loyal to me.

Do you prefer monochrome or polychrome photography?

I love monochrome as it gives a nostalgic feel to the picture with a sense of mystery.

When you are doing portrait shooting, do you have a preference angle?

I don’t have a preferable side. I feel a portrait shot is an interaction with you and the photographer. It’s a shot that is an expression of both in-front and behind the camera.

What kind of style that you really like?

My favourite style is a mixture of high fashion and English style.

Do you think Western fashion and Asian's fashion are any different?

I feel that western fashion is influenced by tradition and commerce whereas the Asian fashion is steeped in culture with a vibrant new age twist.

I do feel that over the last 10 years there has been a crossover. Which has been great creatively for the fashion industry.

What's your most remarkable challenge in the fashion industry? How did you overcome it?

I think the biggest challenge for any model is staying “relevant” within the industry and working regularly. I feel the only way you can do that is enjoying the work you do and being yourself.

What's your life philosophy?

Treat people as you want to be treated.

Through the interview, we are closer to this British supermodel, Sam Webb. And know through the words that his key to success is not to cooperate with many famous brands, but to create a humble and professional understanding of fashion. His life is legendary and gratefully we can have Mr Webb in our industry.

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