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REISS 的飛行員時尚/ REISS Aviators’ Fashion: Shearling Jacket


英國品牌 REISS 在這個冬天推出了有著經典剪裁的毛絨翻領外套,這種造型的外套是在第二次世界大戰中因為是飛行員的制服而廣受歡迎;而造成它再次席捲流行的原因則是 Tom Hardy、A$AP Rocky 和 Drake 所造成的流行現象。

在2018秋冬男裝裡,REISS透過繪圖板設計了一件可以精緻的羊毛外套; Broxburn 毛絨翻領外套使用純羊皮和皮革製成,並向五十年代美國的羊毛衫致敬(例如 “On The Waterfront”中的Marlon Brande 或“Giant”裡的James Dean),但注入了屬於 REISS 的時尚新造型和風格。

The shearling jacket is one of the most stylish and luxurious ways to keep warm during cold months. A classic silhouette that’s best recognised as the uniform of Second World War aviators, it has gained more contemporary cred as a symbolically cool jacket modelled by the likes of Tom Hardy, A$AP Rocky and Drake to name just a few.

This season, we went back to the drawing board to design a shearling jacket that would stand out among its peers. Crafted from pure sheepskin and leather, the Broxburn honours the shearling of Fifties America (think Marlon Brande in “On The Waterfront” or James Dean in “Giant”) but infuses it with a sleek new shape and style details.

Translator: TAIKER Magazine


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