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  • Dylan Tang

Reality Ken / 現實肯尼 (English ver.)

Meet my boyfriend Ken, we live in a pretty pink house and I have 150 jobs on my resume, but there's something you don't know about Ken which is the fact he is a smoker, turns violent and has a shit attitude, my dream house was where we were meant to live our perfect lives but shit happens and reality hits in.

The image shows a man who is meant to have an interest in fashion and personal grooming but portrays an average casual male, fashion conscious and unfazed by social culture, it would seem fitting for him to smoke, act violent and dismissive because in modern male culture men express their emotions through physical strength, this would be described as 'enjoying a good fight with the boys,' male social concepts would be drinking, smoking and little time spent dwelling on the important issues manifesting within themselves and others around them.

Meanwhile, Barbie grew to be the world's top doll and for 43 years Ken has been her dream house boyfriend, however Barbie's relationship with Ken shows signs of falling apart over the decades as his image has not grown or evolved so his principles have diminished, reality meets Ken in the feature Modern Life is Rubbish by TAIKER.

Society, culture and celebrity status makes Ken Carson behind with the times when it comes to bringing him up to speed with a new wardrobe and personality, loud, laddish masculinity, smoking, violence and poor attitude are the features of male youth today, but not all men consist of all these qualities.