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伸展台的賽車競賽 法拉利推出首次時裝系列/ Racing on the Runway, Ferrari launched its first fashion collection

法拉利 (Ferrari) 在賽道上的成就非凡。2021年,這個義大利精品賽車品牌推出了自身第一個時裝系列,將自己的事業版圖做全新的延伸,並由曾在Dolce & Gabbana、Giorgio Armani……等時裝豪門待過的設計師Rocco Iannone打造整個系列。體現出完整的義大利風情。

「車子沒有任何性別,這些服裝也是。」Rocco Iannone


Iannone 為法拉利設計的時裝系列總共有52套,並且使用賽車常用的碳纖維作為部分服裝的布料。此外,這次的時裝秀法拉利也與雷朋 (Ray-Ban) 以及 PUMA兩個牌子合作,分別提供了布鞋與眼鏡。這個兩品牌本身就與法拉利有匪淺的淵源,畢竟在賽道上常能看見這三個牌子相互支援同個車手身上的行頭。

法拉利的春夏2022時裝秀將品牌本身的賽車精神轉移到服裝上,整場秀看下來就像是將賽道上的激情搬上時裝伸展台,並且透過這場秀做出其他令人期待的預告。法拉利將會推出SUV系列、法拉利的時裝尺寸會由 XXXS 至 XXXL 讓每個身形的人都能輕鬆地穿上這個賽車品牌的第一個時裝系列。

Undoubtedly, Ferrari's achievement in the racing industry is extraordinary. In 2021, this Italian luxury racing brand launched its first fashion collection, extending its luxury kingdom to a new extension. Ferrari appointed Rocco Iannone, a designer who has worked in fashion giants such as Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, to take care of its first fashion line.

"Cars don't have any sex, and neither do these clothes"

Rocco Iannone

Ferrari's Spring/Summer 2022 fashion adopts a completely unisex point of view to explain the clothing on the model. Although Iannone emphasizes that Ferrari's fashion have no gender, you can still see the complete, traditionally cognition of womenswear from a few models. This point of view speaks loudly and powerfully from the designer's mouth. It may be a bit unstable on the stage. However, in the very masculine Ferrari fashion show, there are more female models than male models. It is not difficult to say that "If you want to enter fashion, this special industry, you have to eyes to some things." Or, it can be interpreted as "Want to carve up this big pie? Then you have to take care of both the men's and women's markets. And fashion is originally an industry where women are in charge. Want to give a shout? Let's do basic respect first!"

Iannone designed 52 pieces for Ferrari's first fashion collection and used carbon fibre commonly used in racing cars as part of the clothing fabric. In addition, Ferrari also collaborated with Ray-Ban and PUMA in this fashion show to provide cloth shoes and glasses.

Ferrari's Spring/Summer 2022 fashion show transfers the brand's racing spirit to clothing. The whole show looks like putting the passion from the road onto the fashion runway, and through this show, it makes other anticipated previews. Ferrari will launch an SUV series, and Ferrari's fashion size will range from XXXS to XXXL so that everyone with a body shape can easily wear the first fashion collection of this racing brand.


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