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  • Dylan Tang

Private Policy 2018春夏男裝系列/ Private Policy Spring/Summer 2018

Private Policy 在這一次的2018春夏男裝裡頭以 ‘美國牛仔及原住民’ 作為主要設計的藍圖,而這次的最新系列之所以能夠獲得大家認同,則是因為忠時自己國家認同的設計在這幾年已經逐漸式微,因此在這次的紐約時裝週才更加珍貴。

Private Policy's latest collection was pretty much like the royal American-spirit. The Spring/Summer 2018 collection has completed show the cowboy and native American style. The season is absolutely valuable because Country-Loved issue is rare in the market, especially in the fashion world.


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