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Pringle of Scotland 2018 春夏系列/ Pringle of Scotland Spring/Summer 2018

超過百年歷史的英國時裝品牌 Pringle of Scotland 在這次的倫敦時裝週推出了2018年春夏系列;從1815年成立至今,Pringla of Scotland 的喀捨米爾羊毛織物因為擁有高品質的設計而成為英國大家熟知的品牌,在1920年時,更因為由當時的溫莎公爵- 愛德華八世收購而從英國紅到美國西岸的好萊屋地區,從那個時候開始,Pringle of Scotland 便躍升到奢侈時裝品牌的行列。

Pringle of Scotland has over 200 years history in the fashion industry. This season, this Scottish brand unveiled their spring/summer 2018 collection in London Fashion Week Mens, proved they are still stand on the top in the luxury Cashmere market.

Since 1815 founded by Robert Pringle, it had been well-known through their ultra quality of Cashmere in United Kingdom. Hundred years later, Pringle of Scotland spread their fame to the west coat of America due to it adopted by Duke of Windsor. From that time, Pringle of Scotland had officially jump into luxury fashion house in all over the world.


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Photos Courtesy of Pringle of Scotland


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