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  • Dylan Tang

Pretty Green 2018春夏黑標系列/ Pretty Green spring/summer'18 Black Label


Pretty Green 春夏2018 Black Label系列:以革命,自由和實驗為基礎

Pretty Green 的 春夏2018 Black Label系列,靈感來自於於60年代中期對男裝擁有重要影響力的- 孔雀革命

Pretty Green 不僅對60年代中後期孔雀和文化偶像的致敬,更將 SS18黑標系列呈現出尖銳、乾淨的線條和充滿活力的服裝版型,保留了現在世代中 ‘只穿你所愛’ 的感覺。

除此之外,Pretty Green 還推出了一款 8口軍裝風格的燈芯絨外套,配有橘色領口,兩顆鈕扣,全身花卉提花西裝外套,帶有後部通風口,以及未來經典的休閒 ‘Mod(摩德族)’ 風格柔軟肩托,條紋外套。

另一個關鍵部分則是 Black Label的 飛行夾克,帶有前部和袖口花卉迷幻風格的提花圖案,飾有羅紋下擺和袖口。


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‘Every generation experiences a catalyst,

a spark and a moment in time that ignites an undeniable legacy for future innovations.

The SS18 Pretty Green Black Label collection: modern menswear built on a legacy of revolution, freedom and experimentation.’

With the SS18 Black Label collection Pretty Green has taken inspiration from a time that remains heavily influential in menswear – the mid-60s Peacock Revolution.

By way of our own personal tribute to the peacocks and cultural icons of the mid to late 60s, the Pretty Green SS18 Black Label collection is one grounded in sharp, clean lines and vibrant eye-catching shapes that retains a very modern ‘wear it however you like’ feel.

Pretty Green has also introduced an 8 whale military inspired corduroy jacket complete with mandarin collar, a two-button, all over floral jacquard blazer with back vents and a future classic in the shape of a smart, casual Mod-influenced, soft-shouldered, striped boating blazer.

Another key piece is our Black Label bomber with front and sleeve floral, psychedelic-inspired jacquard pattern, finished off with ribbed hem and cuffs.

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