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  • Dylan Tang

Pretty Green 英國風潮再現/ Pretty Green, keep your attitude over Christmas




英國品牌 Pretty Green 代表著的就是這樣子的生活態度;

Pretty Green 在2009 年由 Liam Gallagher 成立;品牌的核心價值即是將50年代之後英國的街頭文化以及音樂影響力,透過服裝上的視覺呈現,將世界上每個角落的人都能夠再次體驗當時那個大英帝國的黃金時光。

而在今年的尾聲,Pretty Green 將要給擁有自己生活態度的人一個最美好的結束,讓這些堅守自我的人即使在顏色消逝的冬天依然可以透過時尚單品襯托出自己的獨特品味。

舉凡從代表性的 Paisley Print 襯衫、皮夾、包包,更有獨特的 “MADE IN ENGLAND“ 系列作為選擇!

如果你今天也熱愛英國的街頭文化以及音樂時尚,那麼在有限的預算裡得到最有價值的產品就非 Pretty Green 莫屬了;這次的聖誕系列組合,價位從新台幣1400元起到一萬元左右,讓今年的冬天依然可以穿著最有個性又亮眼的英倫風潮。


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What is attitude? Attitude is your personality and meaning you have your own voice. You couldn't have it as easy as flick fingers. You have to create it brick by brick and years by years.

If you are careless growing up your attitude, then the consequence will be how terrible taste of music choice you have. Most of people keen on mainstream music, it's not a problem, the problem is, most of them( in this generation) are meaningless. But Rock n' Roll isn't.

Rock n' Roll represent your voice, your attitude and how brave you are that willing to against the society.

You may say this kind of music isn't reality but you can't deny every single person who likes this sort of music have able to think and critique. They are not that easy be tamped by press, furthermore, they don't easily believe politicians' manifesto or propaganda. They have sound judgement.

Pretty Green is a fashion brand and has this kind of attitude.

Pretty Green founded in 2009 by Liam Gallagher, he was aim to bring British streetstyle and music kind since 50's to the worldwide. Liam though Pretty Green, create a significant visual connection between any different generation.

And at the end of this year, Pretty Green presents a special gift guide to people who has attitude and vivid lifestyle. Through PG's suggestion for Christmas, you can have even better's winter.

Items from this special project includes, Paisley Print shirt, Wallet, Bag and exclusive 'MADE IN ENGLAND' collection. If you are a fan of Britain's streetstyle and culture, then get yourself a Pretty Green for Christmas will be the rightest thing for you in this year.


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