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  • Dylan Tang

卡地亞,Pasha的五種個性/ Pasha, five different souls of Cartier


卡地亞的 Pasha 腕錶大小為41 毫米,精鋼,錶冠鑲嵌一顆凸圓形藍色合成尖晶石,並配上灰色鱷魚皮錶帶和精鋼錶鍊,每一只Pasha 腕錶都配置「QuickSwitch」互換式系統以及SmartLink 可調校式系統。

雷米·馬利克(Rami Malek)

演員雷米·馬利克 (Rami Malek) 一向勇於挑戰顛覆自我的角色,致力帶來耳目一新的感受。「我偏好可以啟發人心且積極進取的角色。希望我的選擇有助於推動電影產業進步。」

特洛伊·希文(Troye Sivan)

具備歌手、演員、模特兒和導演等多重身分的特洛伊·希文 (Troye Sivan) ,天生具有慵懶氣質與演藝天賦,作品也充分反映個人特色,「我這個人和我的作品是緊密相關的。我就是用自己想要的方式說出真心話。雖然聽起來很嚇人,但也非常振奮人心。我一直鼓勵自己將創作發揮至極致。」

梅西·威廉斯 (Maisie Williams)

「要從零到有將想法一步一步轉化為成熟的作品,一定要靠團隊合作才做得到。所以對我來說最重要的是找到適合的團隊、找到自己信任的人。」演員梅西·威廉斯 (Maisie Williams) 將自己在演藝圈的成就歸功於團隊合作和溝通。

王嘉爾(Jackson Wang)



薇洛·史密斯Willow Smith

薇洛·史密斯 (Willow Smith) 是一位多才多藝的歌手與社會運動參與者 ,更努力不讓自己被定型。她積極探索各種表現方式,也從中取得成就。「每一個人,尤其是藝人,都必須超越自己所能,才可以進步,而且要證明自己什麼都做得到、可以變得更強。」


In the second half of 2020, Cartier collaborated with five different souls to interpret this delicate watch with softness and rigidity. Perhaps, it's in order to break through this pandemic, and inspire the best from everyone's situation.

Cartier's Pasha watch is 41 mm in size, stainless steel, the crown is inlaid with a blue synthetic spinel cabochon and is equipped with a grey alligator leather strap and stainless steel bracelet. Each Pasha watch is equipped with "QuickSwitch" Interchangeable system and SmartLink adjustable system.

Rami Malek

Actor Rami Malek has always been brave enough to challenge the role of subverting himself and strive to bring refreshing feelings. "I prefer characters that can inspire people and are aggressive. I hope my choice will help promote the progress of the film industry."

Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan, who has multiple identities such as singer, actor, model, and director, is naturally lazy and talented in acting. His works fully reflect his personal characteristics. "I am a person and my work is closely related... I just tell the truth in the way I want. Although it sounds scary, it is also very exciting. I have always encouraged me to maximize my creativity."

Maisie Williams

"To transform ideas into mature works step by step from scratch, you must rely on teamwork to do it. So the most important thing for me is to find a suitable team and find someone I trust." Actress Maisie Williams attributed her achievements to teamwork and communication.

Jackson Wang

"There is no final destination in life, but every step towards the goal and every chapter in life is very important to me. The most important thing is to have confidence and create your own history."

Jackson Wang, an entertainer who can sing, rap, and dance, has swept the entire generation with his charm. Encouraging young people to be themselves is his mission and drives him forward.

Willow Smith

Willow Smith is a versatile singer and social movement participant, working harder not to be stereotyped. She actively explores various ways of expression and has also made achievements. "Everyone, especially artists, must surpass what they can to make progress, and they must prove that they can do everything and become stronger."


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