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  • Dylan Tang

#NoBoundaries #沒有界線

這個世界的界線已經逐漸瓦解,男性與女性之間的限制也已經逐漸模糊,服裝的風格也已經不再有受到拘束的世俗眼光;因此在這個社會裡頭 #沒有界線 成為我們最好的自我標籤,因為沒有界線,所以我們才真正的活出自己。

攝影師 Nicolas Aristidou 透過他的鏡頭捕捉下 模特兒 Adrian Sotiris 穿著 adidas Original by Alexander Wang SS18 的女裝系列;雖然男模特兒穿著女性服裝,但是透過男性身體的美以及女裝間的細緻,相互衝擊後產生的視覺效果則是現在社會中我們最需要的 #沒有界線

Any boundaries on this world have been gradually disintegrated. The restrictions between men and women have slowly become blurred, and the style of clothing has no longer been constrained by the secular vision. Therefore, in our society, #NoBoundaries becomes our best self-label, Because there is no limitation, we really live for ourselves.

Photographer Nicolas Aristidou captured the model through his lens. Adrian Sotiris wore adidas Original by Alexander Wang SS18's women's collection. Although the male model wore womenswear, the men's physical beauty and the women's finesse created a different sparkle. And that's now we need the most in our society. #NoBoundaries

This TAIKER's online exclusive produced by

Photographer: Nicolas Aristidou

Stylist: Lyla Cheng

Editor: Dylan Tang

Exclusive for TAIKER Magazine


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