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  • Dylan Tang

motoguo 春夏2019形象廣告/ motoguo spring/summer’19 campaign

馬來西亞品牌 motoguo 推出了最新春夏2019的形象廣告;在這一支由 Lee Wei Swee 掌鏡的形象中,motoguo 不僅依然保持 Moto Guo 從2015年同名品牌創立以來想要表現的新潮、厭世,以及高品質的視覺表現。

在這一個形象廣告中, motoguo 的春夏商品不僅鮮少的成套表現,反而是透過模特兒的單穿和背景光影的呈現,讓這一次的春夏2019廣告完全就像城市精靈一樣,充滿著光彩和不知所措的神秘。

Malaysia fashion brand, motoguo unveiled their Spring/Summer 2019 campaign. This campaign photographed by Lee Wei Swee who is a photographer based in Paris. In this collection, you rarely can see A PAIR, instead, motoguo showcased piece by piece, alongside with models’ attitude, vivid background. This photography literally is an ingenious, romantic and cynical masterpiece, just like what Moto Guo wanted to say in 2015 when this eponymous brand launched.



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