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  • Dylan Tang

MCM 春夏2020形象廣告/ MCM SS20 Campaign

2020年春夏系列,MCM以「音樂」貫穿全系列之靈魂精神。MCM創意總監Dirk Schönberger以他首次系列,歌頌音樂的關鍵時刻,同時敘述了MCM自1976年慕尼黑誕生至今並於柏林重新塑造的歷程。Schönberger集結了慕尼黑Disco鼎盛時期的風格、外觀、精神與態度,以及柏林現代俱樂部的元素,透過兼具平衡與細節的設計,展現出有別以往的現代感。

Disco及電子音樂作為MCM的文化試金石,前者訴說著MCM品牌始創在慕尼黑輝煌時期的起源,而後者則為MCM於柏林設立全球總部並展望未來提供了願景。Schönberger聚焦於高質感設計,利用音樂、文化、表達自我、聯繫及自由,將本系列紮根於他的個人閱歷之中,促使MCM成為new school luxury新世代奢侈品的全球先驅。

The German fashion brand unveiled it's Spring/Summer 2020 campaign. In this campaign, MCM makes 'music' runs through the entire collection as it's spirit. MCM creative director Dirk Schönberger tributes the moments of music with his first collection and narrates the history of MCM since it launched in Munich in 1976. Furthermore, this campaign aims to reshaped in Berlin. Schönberger combines the style, appearance, spirit and attitude of the Disco heyday in Munich and the elements of the modern club in Berlin. Disco and electronic music are the cultural touchstones of MCM. The alumni tell the origin of the MCM brand in the glorious period of Munich, while the latter provides a vision for MCM to establish a global headquarters in Berlin and into the future. Schönberger focused on the high-quality design by using music, culture, self-expression, connection and freedom to root this collection in his persona, making MCM a global pioneer in fashion luxury.

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