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  • James Dylan

瑪丹娜為眾生禱告第三十年 / Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’ is 30 years old


同名單曲 ‘Like a prayer’ 中,瑪丹娜在音樂錄影帶裡焚燒了多座十字架,親吻了黑色的耶穌像;這些舉動招來了當時保守的衛道人士批評,並且說他是這個世界上的邪婦,但是這位傳奇歌手並沒有就此屈服,反而繼續做自己讓這一張專輯最後在全世界突破了千萬張的銷售量,讓她在流行樂壇的地位就此鞏固。

這一張專輯在今年已經邁入了第三個十年,而在 Spotify 上面也推出了三十週年的全新版本;如果你也想要被這位流行天后祈禱,那麼這一張專輯就是你不得不聽得史上最經典的流行專輯之一。

Madonna’s fourth studio album, “Like a Prayer,” has entered the third decade! This popular album released in 1989 not only allowed Madonna to stay on the top 1 of the UK Chart again, but also made the world pay attention to this album because of the shocking music video.

The single, 'Like a prayer', Madonna burned a number of crosses in the music video and kissed the black statue of Jesus. These actions made lots of conservative people from all of the world criticised her as ‘The Evil woman’. But this legendary singer did not yield to this, but continued to do so that this album finally broke through the sales of 10 million copies in the world, so that her position in the pop music consolidation.

This album has entered its third decade this year, and released a new version of the 30th anniversary has been launched on many stream website. If you want to be prayed by this popular queen, then this album is for you. I don't hear one of the most classic pop albums in history.


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