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  • Dylan Tang

星光熠熠的倫敦男裝週/ London Fashion Week was star-studded

倫敦男裝週已經風光結束,雖然只有為期短短的三天卻也吸引到許多來自各國的專業人士參加這場盛會;時裝週的意義在於設計師發表最新一季的設計以及時尚工作者們的聚會,但是在這個五光十色的產業裡頭 ‘名人’ 卻也是不可或缺的重要一環。

每一次的倫敦男裝週裡,眾多模特兒、演員,編輯都會一湧而出的到位在 180 The Strand 的會場,不管是參加時裝秀、參觀設計師的 showroom 或者是跟其他許久不見的同行見面;每每只在時裝週的期間,會場裡外到處都星光熠熠。


儘管一月的倫敦男裝週命運不是太好,因為總是遇到不是颳風下雨、地鐵罷工,或者就像今年一樣遇到金球獎,總是有辦法被其他外在因素分散了焦點,但是儘管路再怎麼崎嶇,眾多受邀來的重量級明星還是突破重重重要難關成為了鎂光燈的焦點;如果不信,那麼在社群媒體上搜尋 #LFWM 或者 hashtag 你喜歡名人的名字,那麼你就會相信,這些你喜歡的大明星依然穿著得以地走在倫敦街頭,並且比你快一步地走在時尚的最尖端。

(Eric Rutherford / Jim Chapman)

London Fashion Week Men's autumn/winter 2018 has ended couple days ago. We've seen so many designers, models and celebrities attended this huge event in fashion industry in the first weekend of this year. You may claim that Fashion Week supposes to focus on designers and fashion workers. However, you can't deny these famous, stylish and charming celebrities are essential in fashion as well. Without them, who is going to create fantasy for us to fashion week?

(Craig McGinlay)

This season, London Fashion Week Men's located as usual on 180 The Strand London. I've meet numberless famous models, actors and editors during this three days. They are just like me, the same purpose, attend fashion shows, fashion presentations and visit showroom to see the latest collection from different brands.

(Richard Biedul/ Toby Huntington-Whiteley)

However, London Fashion Week Men's in January doesn't lucky enough. They always faced different situations such as, terrible weather conditions, London underground strike... and this time, they coincidently met Golden Globes on 7th Jan. It such a shame that London Fashion Week has distracted by others. But even the uncontrollable shits still happening, these Gentlemen and Ladies are keep fighting for this spectacular fashion event.

(Lara Mullen/ Hu Bing)

If you don't believe what I am saying, then you shall search #LFWM or hashtag the name of celebrities you love on social media. Afterward, you definitely will trust me and amazingly seen them walked on the street stylish, charming and awe-inspiring.

Photographed by Dylan Tang/ TAIKER Magazine


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