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  • Dylan Tang

KYLE'LYK 秋冬2019形象廣告/ KYLE'LYK AW19 Campaign

紐約時裝品牌 KYLE’LYK 的秋冬2019形象廣告找來了舞者Conor McKenzie展現了男性身體的美學,並且透過攝影師Daniel Seung Lee的精湛技術,將這個紐約新穎的高級男裝品牌,轉換至另一個層級的美艷。

這一組照片裡頭,KYLE’LYK 將秋冬2019的主題「妙不可言的空間」發揮得淋漓盡致,有著舞者 McKenzie 的肢體語言,若是再多看一眼這一組照片,似乎從靜止,瞬間像親臨現場一樣的動起來。

KYLE’LYK 成立於紐約,主要致力於高端的男性時裝,每一件從KYLE’LYK設計出來的商品,都代表著紐約每一位靈魂的獨一無二,以及每一個人日常生活的簡單細節;透過小細節的設計,KYLE’LYK的每一件服裝,都將帶給平凡的每一個人,不一樣的人生體驗。

KYLE’LYK, the New York fashion brand, unveiled their Autumn/Winter 2019 campaign with dancer, Conor McKenzie, and photographer Daniel Seung Lee. This vivid New Yorker brand through this campaign escalated their aesthetics.

In this campaign, KYLE’LYK sticks with the theme of this winter, 'Ineffable space’. Alongside with McKenzie's body language, if you dare look these one more time. Those still photos will be alive in your mind, just like McKenzie is literally dancing in front of you.

KYLE’LYK is a high-end casual menswear brand based in New York. It is produced in a unique design inspired by ordinary things or things that are easy to pass by in everyday life. You can see the uniqueness and the brand value with small detail design.



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