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Kent & Curwen’s Autumn / Winter 2018 Collection: “The Boxer, The Artist and The Musician”

As sportsmen, artistes and celebrities, the British have seen and done it all – from football to painting to rock 'n roll, Britain is a world-beater on the global cultural scene. This upcoming season, British menswear brand Kent & Curwen pays tribute to the London life and subculture that makes contemporary Britain truly unique. Titled “The Boxer, The Artist and The Musician”, this new collection brings together classic elements from Britain’s rich, eclectic heritage and reinterprets them in Kent & Curwen’s signature style – classy, daring, and individual.

“The Boxer” finds expression in an ensemble beginning with a varsity jacket blouson in dark green, emblazoned with the English Rose on a patch at the chest, and a rugby polo of regular fit. Casual Pants with adjuster complete the look and give a rough and tumble style that knows how to roll with the punches life and still come out on top. Knitwear, track-suits and matching trousers add a touch of pugilistic chaos to the mix.

“The Artist” looks focus on denim items including the patches cord jacket and various fit and colour of jeans with the Kent & Curwen signature rose hidden in the waistline for creativity. Hinting at the passion and imagination hiding within, the greatcoat covers a denim jacket and the oversized shirt with detachable collar - elegantly British touches that hint at the fashionable and the individual.

A minster double-breasted greatcoat wraps “The Musician” in military style and combines it with a striped regular-fit turtleneck t-shirt – fashionable warmth that is dressed to impress. Outerwear appears as an indispensable article of British identity, with famous symbols – the Rose of England and the three lions of England’s coat of arms – sewn proudly and creatively on all the pieces as patches of the collection. Signature chino trousers complete the ensemble with a distinctly informal yet suave silhouette – a look that is guaranteed to feel at home in either the club or the concert hall - and delivers that smooth nonchalance that is an integral part of the British archetypal gentleman.

Burgundy, navy blue, dark grey, stripes, and tartan are recurring themes of the collection. Badges and insignias are deftly woven all over these handsome pieces, elegantly articulating the multifaceted heritage that contributes to the bold style of this new collection. An audacious statement of individuality, Kent & Curwen’s brand name also appears throughout the collection – a sartorial theme and variations that unifies these sophisticated collection’s disparate yet complementary elements into a seamless whole.

In the new Autumn / Winter 2018 Collection, Kent & Curwen gives the world a taste of what it actually means to be British. At home on the field or in the studio, Kent & Curwen’s new collection, “The Boxer, The Artist and The Musician”, recasts the contemporary man into a true gentleman for all seasons – a figure well-fitted to claim Britain’s illustrious and eclectic heritage.


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