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Kent & Curwen 品牌形象短片 'Wear it with pride'/ Kent & Curwen Aspirational Film 'Wear

創意總監 Daniel Kearns 及 品牌合作夥伴貝克漢 –Wear it with pride

短片講述 Daniel Kearns 與大衛·貝克漢(David Beckham)合作推出的秋冬系列,在位於Savile Row的品牌總部創意工作室拍攝。片段中顯示創意總監Daniel Kearns與品牌合作夥伴貝克漢的設計過程、貝克漢親身講述品牌的歷史及服飾上標誌的重要性及意義。品牌的經典三獅標誌原為創辦人Eric Kent的家族徽章,後被贈予英國足球協會,並成為英國國徽。而英格蘭國花玫瑰圖騰則可追溯至中世紀時代,是英式橄欖球的代名詞。兩個經典的標誌就像貝克漢一樣,皆是英國體育界引以為傲的象徵,與品牌的傳統特色相同。

Daniel Kearns and David Beckham -Wear it with pride

This film, created to support the AW collection designed by Daniel Kearns in collaboration with brand partner David Beckham is shot in the creative studio of the Kent & Curwen headquarters on Savile Row, London. The film explores the working process between Creative Director Daniel Kearns and brand partner David Beckham focusing on the history and significance to David personally of the symbols found on Kent & Curwen garments. The Three Lions which came originally from the family crest of founder Eric Kent were later gifted to the football association and went on to become the British national emblem whilst the Rose of England, dating back to medieval times, is synonymous with British rugby. Both therefore, like David himself are symbols of British sporting pride and have genuine resonance with Kent & Curwen. The brand was founded in 1926 and has a long and storied past in British sporting attire.


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