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  • Dylan Tang

Kent & Curwen 2017/18 fashion film ‘The Greatcoat’

The inspiration for launching ‘The Greatcoat’ is to be found in Kent and Curwen’s military heritage. The brand’s co-founder Eric Kent fought alongside his brother in the Great War and by the 1930’s Kent & Curwen was producing clothing for many of the British regiments throughout the Empire.

With this story in mind, the brand’s Creative Director, Daniel Kearns, took as inspiration an officer’s greatcoat dating from the early part of last century, and re-worked the design for a contemporary wardrobe.

Today’s ‘Greatcoat’ as worn by brand partner David Beckham, has been cut slimmer than the original for a more modern silhouette, whilst still retaining original vintage detailing such as brass crest buttons, military shoulder epaulettes and double breasted lapels.

The coat’s fabric is made at Fox Brothers & Co, one of England’s oldest fabric mills, and a supplier to the British Military for centuries. Using as a reference the original fabric swatches developed for the British Army just prior to WW1, held in the Fox Bros archive, Kearns chose to recreate the exact fabric for the modern re-incarnation of The Greatcoat, milled in Somerset using the original looms, the same yarn colours and the same weave. The fabric was then sent to London where it was cut and sewn into the finished article ready for sale in the autumn.

“The Great Coat is one of the standout pieces from the Autumn-Winter 2017 Collection - it is a special garment that tells a real story”, said Daniel Kearns. “We have worked hard to create something that evokes the heritage of Kent & Curwen’s storied past, whilst remaining a cool and contemporary item for the fashionable man.”


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