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  • Dylan Tang

張孝全,展現王者風範的紅毯姿態/ Joseph Chang, a stylish king on the red carpet






典禮當天,張孝全穿著整套GIORGIO ARMANI 深藍西裝步上星光大道。在紅毯上,只扣上兩顆釦子的條紋襯衫,就像是件墨藍色的戰袍。他謙虛的笑臉,彷彿就像是他在《十八歲的約定》、《盛夏光年》等電影裡飾演的年輕人一樣,仍然充滿熱情、謙虛,卻又不失王者風範的氣質。​

張孝全著GIORGIO ARMANI/ Joseph Chang wore GIORGIO ARMANI total look

Just after the 55th Golden Bell Awards, the Taiwanese actor Joseph Chang has nominated two different Best Actor Awards. Although he did not bring the award back home, Joseph’s career in the entertainment industry does not seem to be affirmed by awards.

獨家 by 嘉裕西服/ Exclusive by Carnival Industrial Corp.

The invisible pressure of the double nominated

Chang was nominated for two different Best Actor awards this year with the series "Nowhere People" and "The Victims' Game". Although he back home with empty hands, his efforts and achievements in drama since his inception in 2001. He doesn't need to be crowned because he's so much popular and has firmly acting skill.

A fashion king style

On the day of the ceremony, Joseph CHANG wore GIORGIO ARMANI for the 55th Golden Bell Awards. He only buckled two buttons on his shirt and this look made him look like a king. Besides, his modest smiling face is like the young man he played in films such as "True Love" and "Eternal Summer". He is still full of enthusiasm and modesty without losing the temperament of a king.​


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