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John Lawrence Sullivan 絕對瘋狂的 2018 秋冬男裝/ Craziest collection, John Lawrence Sullivan's AW18 mensw

John Lawrence Sullivan的最新男裝系列除了瘋狂以外已經沒有別的形容詞可以多做形容;對於這一次的倫敦男裝週而言 John Lawrence Sullivan 的時裝表現可以說是出類拔萃,並且成功的引起大家的話題以及吸引大家的目光。

『瘋子』和『變態殺手』是 John Lawrence Sullivan 秋冬2018最新男裝的設計元素;設計師 Arashi Yanagawa 因為電影 Twin Peaks 和 Taxi Driver 進而得到了這一次的設計靈感。在這一季的元素裡頭,模特兒身上的服裝使用的是製作牛仔服飾和剪裁西裝的混合技巧。透過來自西方的牛仔靴、皮帶,直接進入時裝男性的整體造型中,對於這種有可能一失足成千古恨的搭配,John Lawrence Sullivan 卻掌握得恰到好處,令人完全無法挑剔地沈溺在他的設計宇宙裡。

如果在更近一步地探討這次 John Lawrence Sullivan 的秋冬2018男裝,拉丁文 ’dexter’ 和 ‘sinister’代表的是 ‘右’ 和 ‘左’ 的意思;對於這兩個字的詮釋,設計師想要表達的是 ’極端的一左一右’ 的概念,而這個概念也直接套用在這一次最新一季的服裝上 ’直接將單品清楚的一分為二‘;畢竟話說回來,如果想要成為一個瘋狂的變態殺手,內心裡的想法勢必也必須非常極端,而不是顧左右而言他的躊佇不前。

John Lawrence Sullivan 2018秋冬男裝使用的材質分別為:羊毛、絲絨、燈芯絨 以及印花;然而為了徹底詮釋出瘋子的整體感受,許多模特兒都配上了具有瘋子特質的眼鏡和手套;而皮質長大衣更是這個概念中不可或缺的其中一環。

時裝週裡最美好的事情,除了對於最新一季時尚趨勢的探討以外,更是在享受每個藝術創造著對於每件不一樣的事情所獲得的啟發,因為不斷受到刺激而生產出來的服裝,才是真正能表達自己個性的要點,而 John Lawrence Sullivan 的秋冬2018 男裝正好就是這句描述的最佳例子。

‘Crazy’ is the word which has able to describe John Lawrence Sullivan’s Autumn/Winter 2018 collection. However, you definitely will love his latest designs and put him at the Highlight of this season. Because this collection is crazy but extraordinary.

‘Psychopath’ and ‘ psycho killer’ are the concept of John Lawrence Sullivan’s latest collection. Due to Twin Peaks and Taxi Driver, designer Arashi Yanagawa took the inspiration from these two films for his AW18 menswear. In this season, it employs a mixture of tailoring and cowboy elements. Through belts and cowboy boots, John Lawrence Sullivan’s AW18 collection has reinforce the appearance to fit into the concept. In fact, this is a very risky move in fashion total look but John Lawrence Sullivan nailed it, furthermore, he made us sunk into his universe, an immaculate universe.

If you would like to explore deeper at his AW18 collection. ‘Dexter’ and ‘Sinister’ from Latin are two words you absolutely need to know. These two words mean ‘Right’ and ‘Left’. If you see-through this collection carefully, you may figure out there is not a neutral piece exists. Because, if you are a psychopath how can you stand in something in between?

However, John Lawrence Sullivan’s AW18 collection doesn’t just have rich vibes. Actually, the materials of AW18 are pretty fit into the ideas such as; wool, velvet, corduroy, leather and patent. Also, models were wearing wired gloves and glasses that have psychopath’s shape.

Overall, John Lawrence Sullivan’s autumn/winter 2018 collection is the perfect evidence that we all want to gain during fashion week. Due to fashion is not just about vanity and luxury, fashion is more about arts and innovation from designer experience. Hence, if you are dying to create something, why don’t you follow John Lawrence Sullivan’s step? Experience something and make it new for yourself.


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Photographed by Pietro Recchia / TAIKER Magazine


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