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Joanna Wang:"I like melody, chord and tempo."

(Read in Mandarin)

Have you heard Joanna's new album "Modern Tragedy"? For this creator who always insists on making her own music on the her music journey, what does this album mean for her? Is it a new achievement or a New Vision of life? TAIKER magazine had the chance to interview Joanna Wang. Therefore, if you think you already know this legendary singer, then this interview will bring you a new vision.

“it is another album.” - Joanna王若琳

Q: Do you have any rules in your music?

I like melody, chord and tempo. If you ask me what kind of music I’m making, I would say that it usually brings me either joy, sorrow or a heartfelt story that comes to my mind then I transform it into music.

Q: Since your debut, you’ve been labeled with a certain ‘Joanna’s Style Music’. What do you think about this label? Do you have any opinions

I’m getting use to it. (well…Just kidding ) I literally have no idea how people look at me. Therefore, I don’t know how I should guess about what my public image is.

Q: How do you think you create your music? Do you have a specific way?

It depends on how I feel to write a story or describe a character (even just compose melody) It’s all about the world of music I sink into or music with joy. I am in to the music that can inspire me which leads me down the path to create music this way.

Q: 《摩登悲劇 Modern Tragedy》, is new album has it any meaning for you?

It is another album

Q: People said you are the a ‘Rebellious Musician’. Do you any words for this title?

They also called me MC Costco Pizza. It’s a joke, no one calls me MC Costco Pizza. :(

Q: Whats your instrument of choice?

I don’t really play keyboard but I really like keyboard.

Q: Do you consider yourself a ‘pop star’ or do you define yourself as a different kind of musician?

But what is a ‘pop star’? What is pop music? If it’s ‘POP’ then it means it’s a thing which consistently changes.

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Stylist Assistants / Shelly Chen &Rossana Basile

Location / A12 @ Hackney Wick

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