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  • Dylan Tang

Jamie Wei Huang 2020春夏時裝秀/ Jamie Wei Huang SS20 Fashion Show

Jamie Wei Huang 發表了2020春夏最新時裝系列「強迫症 O.C.D.」

臺灣設計鬼才-黃薇(Jamie Huang),在這一季的倫敦時裝週發表了自身對時尚的看法,也將這一場秀的核心概念定調為「強迫症 O.C.D.」。Jamie 的最新系列,不僅震撼了海內外的媒體,更將臺灣的設計實力發揮得淋漓盡致。因為從對時尚的沈迷,到實現時裝的表現,在當今臺灣的時裝圈裡,沒有人能夠跟這一位深耕已久的奇女子,並駕齊驅。

從整整個34套服裝看來,第一套的全白色洋裝,到第六套開始深V領的出現,看的出Jamie 把女性的魅力完整不漏地展現出來,而最後一套只有小背心的上身出現,就像設計師所說:「在大腦迴路中不斷地承受著自我世界的崩裂與重組,重複執行著這些沒人在乎的事。」






如音樂創作者執著於12個音符的排列,Jamie 在材料的交疊比例上不斷琢磨,並用輕快背景歌聲的跨著步伐踩著對這個事件的呢喃,暗諷著這個過於氾濫到幾乎感到難為情的字 「時尚」,與創作產業的關聯與衝突。


Jamie Wei Huang unveiled her Spring/Summer 2020 collection "O.C.D."

Huang is one of the best contemporary fashion designers in Taiwan. This season, she through her design tells everyone who thinks they related to fashion. This industry is an O.C.D. and no one can get over it. If you compare Jamie to other Taiwanese designers, then it's difficult to get another name who can equally own the high standard as her.

The first look, Jamie made her model covered by all-white dress only with a slightly blue line. However, following up, V neck is coming and you can see Huang's ambitious at this point. She explored women's charm and countless attractiveness through her designs. Because in the end, she made a brave move, a model wore a red bandeau.

At this generation of ready-to-wear. We barely can see a designer put a bandeau on the last model. This move remind us when fashion came to the world, all wedding dress is the last one. Perhaps, from now on, Jamie's bandeau will influence all fashion student, be their muse and turn this industry upside down.


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