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  • Dylan Tang

Gucci 度假系列2020形象廣告/ Gucci #ComeAsYouAre Campaign

義大利時裝豪門 Gucci 推出了最新關於度假系列(Cruise Collection)的形象廣告 #ComeAsYouAre

在這一廣告中,展現出派對裡奢迷的豪華氣氛,更眾星雲集為這一次的形象廣告出鏡;只能說,氣焰正火熱的時尚圈裡,Gucci 仍然保持著龍頭的地位,並且展現出專屬於 Alessandro Michele 創意總監的獨特美學。Gucci 度假系列2020形象廣告由攝影師 Harmony Korine 掌鏡、Christopher Simmonds 擔任藝術執導、造型師由 Paul Hanton 擔任,化妝師 Thomas De Kluyver 以及創意總監 Alessandro Michele 作為最大幕後功臣。

Italian Fashion house Gucci unveiled their latest Cruise collection campaign #ComeAsYouAre

In this campaign, luxury and high-end attitude are must-be materials. With celebrities are getting involved, this campaign is also the evidence that Gucci can do anything they want in this world. Because Gucci just can. Gucci #ComeAsYouAre campaign, photographed by Harmony Korine, Art-Directed by Christopher Simmonds, Styling by Paul Hanlon, Make-up by Thomas De Kluyver and undoubtedly Creative Directed by Alessandro Michele.



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