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  • Dylan Tang

Garçons Infidèles 2020春夏時裝秀/ Garçons Infidèles Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Show

成立於2015年的法國品牌 Garçons Infidèles 在今年的巴黎時裝周發表了具有消彌性別意識的全新系列;在這個系列裡頭可以看見設計師 Adrien Albou 將色彩以及剪裁透過自身的創意以及帶著搖滾以及嬉皮的文化相互結合,呈現給大家一個色彩繽紛的最新系列。

從服裝看來,這一次的 Garçons Infidèles 最新系列不僅將顏色處理得非常完善,更將傳統中屬於女性的亮片設計加在服裝身上,從這一點看來在2020的春夏街頭,我們可以預期有更多美麗男人的倩影在街頭出現。

Founded in 2015, designer Adrien Albou launched the French Label Garçons Infidèles. This season, the young french label has presented a collection with Rock, Unisex and Joyful. In this collection, the silhouettes, and colour using are especially remarkable. It doesn't just like cliche works, it's a collection with much love and pride with attitude.

Check from the photography they presented, you can literally feel the love and joy from this Spring/Summer collection. Also, this collection makes people can expect more beautiful and loveable men in the street in 2020.


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