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  • Dylan Tang

Fontaines D.C 無所畏懼的新世代樂團/ Fontaines D.C. with their fearless and bold 《DOGREL》

愛爾蘭樂團 Fontaines D.C. 推出了首張錄音室專輯 《DOGREL》,這一張專輯是目前為止大家最期待的專輯,而其中包含了五首新歌和他們從2017年開始推出的單曲 “Liberty Bell” 、“Hurricane Laughter”、“Chequeless Reckless”、“Too Real”、“Big”、“Roy’s Tune” 和 “Boys In The Better Land”。

Fontaines D.C. 的《DOGREL》是在這個罪惡世代中唱出最深值人心的一張專輯,甫從每一段弦律、每一句歌詞和運用的每一個單字,都完整的代表謢愛爾蘭年輕人心中最深層的那一塊故事。

專輯中的第一首歌 “Big” 不只唱出了愛爾蘭國家年輕人的心聲,更唱出現在這個世界上追逐夢想的人心中最想心心相印的一分四十六秒。而 “Roy’s Tune” 則是將絕望的故事以簡單的弦律加上悲傷的情感一覽無遺地表現出來。

為什麼會說 Fontaines D.C. 的首張專輯獲得大家的注目,並且是這個世代中最需要的一張專輯呢?


如果你也靜下心來聽過這一張專輯,那麼最後一首歌 “Dublin City Sky” 就是你對這一個樂團肅然起敬的四分五十三秒; Fontaines D.C. 花費三十九分鐘為你說的故事在最後一首歌劃下最完美的句點。

深愛著自己國家的 Fontaines D.C. 的首張專輯《DOGREL》不僅是2019年龐克音樂界裡最受注目的專輯,更是大家值得聽完之後直得深思自己從何而來又該從何而去的完美專輯。


The Irish megastar Fontaine DC has released their debut album "DOGREL", which is the most anticipated album in 2019. Including five new songs and the single "Liberty Bell" they launched in 2017. “Hurricane Laughter”, “Chequeless Reckless”, “Too Real”, “Big”, “Roy's Tune” and “Boys In The Better Land”.

Fontaines DC's "DOGREL" is an album that sings most heartfelt songs in this sinful generation. From every string, every lyric, and every word they used, this is the record that deepest representative of the young people in Ireland and their every piece of story.

The first song in the album "Big" not only sang for Irish young people but also sang for people who is chasing their dream but lost their way in this world. Furthermore, "Roy’s Tune" shows the desperate story with a simple string and sad emotions, you can’t really tell if this song is for you. But you certainly can make sure this song is for someone else who needs a hand.

Why people say Fontaines D.C.'s debut album gets everyone's attention and is the most needed album for this generation?

Because they are not only sing the reality for their own society, but also vent their observations about the current state of society through the punk style! They don't lose their identity like other anglophone singers; they’ve said. "Singing in another person's accent just seems to me to be robbing yourself of a pure connection with your music. It's putting a barrier between yourself and your words."

If you have quietly listened to this album, then the last song "Dublin City Sky” has able to watering your eyes and devote all your respects to this band. Fontaines DC takes thirty-nine minutes to tell you the story and use the last 4minutes 53second show you who they are and why they are different.

“DOGREL" is not only the most popular album in the punk music industry in 2019, but also worth listening to after thinking about where you came from and where you need to go. This album is the perfect album and the most remarkable one in 2019.

My lyrics are all based on personal experience but sometimes it's easier to say that your City is failing rather than your spirit. I write a lot about little stories in Dublin because to me they have all the romance of the universe. I don't really know why I write at all but I can't stop.


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