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  • Dylan Tang

伊旺麥奎格;蘇格蘭之王 / Ewan McGregor, The King of Scotland

​​伊旺麥奎格 日前受英國君子雜誌訪問時拍攝了一組時尚專題攝影,搭配上九零年代經典電影『猜火車』的續集即將上映,這位蘇格蘭演員的聲勢似乎又重新創造了高峰,儘管『猜火車2』現在只釋出了片段,但是經典的配樂以及原班人馬的演出勢必都會再次帶出這部獲選英國百大電影的餘韻以及伊旺麥奎格事業的新高峰。

Ewan McGregor did an interview with ESQUIRE UK and took several fashion photoshoots to proved he still fit.

Ewan McGregor as Mark Renton in the legendary movie 'Trainspotting', he recently back to press due to the trailer of T2: Trainspotting. As we know, Ewan McGregor has done many classic characters after the iconic Trainspotting however he never satisfied and never thought he's enough in his acting career. With this sequel of Trainspotting and the photo shooting of ESQUIRE UK, We can tell that Ewan McGregor is still the king of Scotland and no one has able to critic him because he is not just looking good but also a fantastic actor.

Photographed by Esquire UK


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