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最強派對 Dolce & Gabbana春夏22推出時尚光療/ Dolce & Gabbana SS22 is the best party

派對開始、燈光準備、音樂下!模特兒從旋轉梯上氣勢的出場。Dolce & Gabbana 的春夏2022時裝秀,親自示範什麼叫做 DG 燈光療法 (#DGLightTherapy)。

Dolce & Gabbana 為2022年的春夏推出了共95套時裝。其中包含了經典的華麗配飾、Logo印花,和性感的內衣。每一個造型都以不同的方式包含和詮釋了色彩與光線的感覺,並通過特殊的技術進行了重新加工和詮釋。 Domenico Dolce 和Stefano Gabbana 這兩位設計師似乎要大家脫胎換骨,別再進行沈悶的居家修煉。勇敢走出家門,為自己接下來的人生增添無限色彩。



就像是每一場完美的派對,在裡頭你會看就各式各樣的人,也會看到不同風格的穿搭。既然將自己的秀命名為 #DGLightTherapy 應該也能治料不同種類的人吧?

這個春夏新系列 Dolce & Gabbana使用 印花和寶石綢緞襯衫搭配輕盈的夏季單品,寬鬆的舊牛仔褲圖案交錯,穿上21世紀經典低腰褲,搭配特殊的層壓、螢光和彩虹皮革軟皮鞋,盡顯感性。錦緞、細條紋、繩線花邊和緞料等各種布料在交替出現,增強了手繪和水滴效果,這也是本季亮片面料的亮點。此外,還有用印有國旗和義大利名字的綢緞製成的超大運動服裝,對自己的國家敬上最高敬意。




The party, The lights and The music! Models appeared from the revolving ladder. Dolce & Gabbana's Spring/Summer 2022 fashion show demonstrated what DG Light Therapy (#DGLightTherapy) is.

This Italian brand launched a total of 95 looks for the coming spring. It includes classic gorgeous accessories, Logo prints, and sexy underwear. Every look contains and interprets the sense of colour and light in a different way, reworked and reinterpreted with special techniques.

Designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana want everyone to reinvent themselves and stop being bored. We should all go out of the house bravely and add infinite colour to our next life. Stefano and Domenico encapsulate the concept of colour and light and are reinterpreted in the collection with a clear urban key. The lights thus become giant photographic prints that stand out against a nocturnal background, proposed on silk twill with an effect of coloured light that explodes, making them sometimes blurred.

2022 is new and old

Like every perfect party, you will see all kinds of people, and you will also see different styles. Since they named the show #DGLightTherapy, it should be able to treat different types of people, right?

Printed or jewel-effect poplin shirts are worn with the lightness of summer, crisscrossed and open on loose destroy denim and trousers worn low-waisted typical of the 2000s, worn with moccasins in special laminated, fluorescent, and iridescent leather with intertwined logo for a sensual look. Every fabric – brocade, pinstripes, cordonetto lace and satin – alternate in the story, enhancing the handmade with hand-painting and dripping effects, which in this season are proposed on the sequin fabric. They also make a tribute to Italy, which has oversized sporty pieces made of satin featuring our flag and Italy's name.

The New Vision

Stefano and Domenico, in the new SS22 collection, with a play of light and craftmanship, blend symbolic image of DNA, traditional embroidery, handmade with the atmosphere of the 2000s and new technical research, thus creating a new vision of DOLCE&GABBANA which reinterprets, updated, and recodes our DNA in the light of new generations, merging it with the future.


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