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  • Dylan Tang

Desigual 春夏2019形象廣告/ Desigual Spring/Summer'19 Campaign

西班牙品牌 Desigual 在2019的一月幫品牌的春夏系列下了最好的一個結尾;這一次的形象廣告主題為 “Colour is you” 為了就是要挑戰顏色在這個世界上的定義;你可以聯想到膚色、性格上的光明與陰暗面,或者你可以幫顏色下任何一種你覺得適合的定義。

對於 Desigual 而言,顏色可以在任何地方,只要你想要將它捕捉下來;不管你今天將顏色定義為如何,只要你能夠下一個非常好的註解,那麼顏色就可以有個性,可以成為一個具有最佳表達功能的語言。


Spanish Fashion house, Desigual present their Spring/Summer 2019 Campaign 'Colour is you'. This is their last call for Spring/Summer collection, but you also can see their ambitious in this year. It's gonna be vivid and inspiration.

When you talked about colour, most of time you will connect with race, especially in fashion. However, Desigual, this time, is reversing your stereotype. From their point of view, colour is everywhere and they want to capture it. It is to celebrate and to be moved, it is to be oneself, it is the raw material that characterises them and it is their language. AND FOR YOU, COLOUR IS WHAT?

Photographed and Directed by Oliver Hadlee Pearch

Make up: Isamaya French,


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