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浪花之上; David Ledoux 的衝浪攝影/David Ledoux's subculture imaging, Surf's Up

法國攝影師 David Ledoux 為 Another Man 雜誌在南法拍攝了一組關於衝浪愛好者的攝影集;在這一組相片裡,Ledoux 甚至在海邊搭建了一個海邊小屋,為的就是讓整體的場景更加的真實!

既然說到了相片中的真實感,Ledoux 在相片中為了呈現出每一位角色最佳的狀態,不僅和他們緊密的相處,更將這些衝浪好手們在陸地上的生活一次表現出來,對於這位喜愛次文化的攝影師而言,他這一次的作品不僅再次登上巔峰,更展現出戶外攝影的絕佳技巧。

French photographer David Ledoux filmed a collection of surfers in South France for Another Man magazine. In this collection, Ledoux even built a seaside cabin by the sea, in order to make these scenes more reality.

Since it comes to the realism of photography. For showcase the best image of each character, Ledoux not only hangout with them, but also shows the lives of these surfers on land. For photographers who love subculture, his work not only once again reached the peak, but also showed great skills for outdoor photography.

Photography by David Ledoux


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