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David Hart 2018春夏男裝系列/ David Hart Spring/Summer 2018

David Hart 在紐約時裝週推出了最新的2018 春夏男裝系列

在最新的系列裡頭,David Hart 運用了許多不同的顏色來增加2018春夏系列的吸睛度,而在男裝週經常能看見的西裝正裝,也是David Hart 一直以來設計的重點。

David Hart 從學生時期開始就致力於時裝的設計,並且由過去曾在不同牌子的粹練過的實力,現在在美國時裝界裡可以說是闖出自己的一片天。

David Hart unveiled Spring/Summer 2018 Collection in New York Fashion Week.

This season, multicolour suit is the highlight of David Hart's latest collection. You can figure that Hart is really the master of suit and tie. He isn't just a prodigy in fashion, in fact, David Hart has experience through many well-known brands, such as Anna Sui and Tommy Hilfiger.

If you are in the United Stated and willing to get a fine suit for your entire life, David Hart is your best choice.


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