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  • Dylan Tang

Daniel Kearns, Through History, He Speaks His Story/ Daniel Kearns, 回首過去;說出自己未來的故事

How would you describe your future story? The Beat Generation in the 1950s opened the door of new literature by overthrowing creation. So, will fashion designers of this era be able to open the door to new creativity? We always say that good creation is the dazzling light produced by the sparks of the present and the past, but 2020, which should have splendidly unfolded, will be anxious because of the pandemic. Therefore, remember whether the feeling of the present will also be the next best prologue of your future story.

"It’s time to go back to basics and clear away a lot of the noise"

Daniel Kearns, as the creative director of three brands, always has to absorb power like a sponge, whilst being a giant chandelier which can illuminate any corner. However, many things have been delayed this year due to the impact of the pandemic. Will this also affect Daniel’s creative thinking in the future? He said "Absolutely, it’s stopped the constant cycle we are used to but has forced us to rethink and refocus. I do believe the one positive is that we have an opportunity now to redirect how and what we create."

The first time I met Daniel was in 2018 when he was unveiling Kent & Curwen's Spring/Summer 2018 collection. In the conversation with him at that time, he exuded a self-confidence that I had never experienced, as well as an awesome and knowledgeable charm. Over time, everyone has undergone different changes, especially in 2020 when mobility is restricted. The originally smooth global village seems to have returned to the state it was 30 years ago. But will this affect us? Perhaps in the era of information explosion, isolation can enable people to return to the core of themselves and to re-examine their beliefs. "More than change my philosophy it’s maybe highlighted or defined it for me. First and foremost is family for me, my partner and my kids come first. I am lucky to have a job doing something I love and I want to continue to push myself but I also feel like it’s time to go back to basics and clear away a lot of the noise. I don’t mean purist design but I think it should be simple and should be authentic. "

"Think outside the box"

There is absolutely no doubt that the fashion industry has undergone drastic changes, so if you look back at everything that has happened in the past, Daniel thinks that the five years he worked at McQueen are the most memorable: "Alexander taught me many things in those 5 years, It was tough sometimes but he taught me so much and pushed me to ‘think outside the box’ and I cherish that time now. All my experiences in different ways inspire me now, they educated me and I’m still learning.

After everyone is born, every minute and every second will continue to move towards the future. So, looking back at the past sometimes becomes a seemingly abstract but romantic thing. But does everyone have this habit? Or is this just a trick for creators? Daniel believes that "I like throwback and as I said I reference history a lot but not in a literal way. If you do that it becomes costume and pastiche and I don’t think that's relevant. It’s taking ideas from the past and making them relevant for today or for tomorrow.” Indeed, how to pave the way to the future with the information that you can get by your side and what has happened? I believe that everyone holds a different view in their minds. However, we are no longer who we were before the pandemic. Regarding the future we want to go to, it seems that only you can support yourself in the way you want to be in the future.

"How to define Nostalgia of Liberty?"

"I think this title is a good anecdote for our time. The question is are we nostalgic for the freedom to work and travel we had before Covid or has this difficult time made us rethink what's important and made us realise that there is a freedom in a simpler life?”

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